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  1. I thought opinion from anglers was that the anti's were not interested in them? http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.p...55084&st=80 these people are not stupid....they dish out violence in the name of animal welfare......and are the very first to cry when it returns to them....they film everything....so just be aware fellow members they are the ones pointing the cameras and editing the footage to suite there cause...think before you batter one
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/430437.stm
  3. mass2k5

    The Gambia

    ahhhhh...... u are right about the locals being afraid of them..i cleared that pier... the wife burnt the line with her cigarette to release it.... i know there used to be a charter from oyster creek to the senegal cost for sail fish...a week was about £500... which seemed very reasonable kev
  4. HaDAA..ticket is what you will need and like scotty has said woodys the place to go kev
  5. mass2k5

    The Gambia

    theres a boat that goes out of oyster creek called the white warior...the one on go fishing..it has a new owner , also mark the old owner of the boat has opened an outfit of smaller boats that were operating from the sunwing hotel....however i hav'nt been there for a few years now and things change all the time.... fishing off old denton bridge is awesome...also there is a metal pier close to the african village hotel which was also productive for snapper..stingray...cuda...cajelly and casrva (excuse the spelling).... i also caught a couple of sea snakes off this pier so be carefull ...it
  6. lol about right really....with this pathetic excuse of a government kev
  7. at the momment like yours my field sport is not under direct threat... but i am under no illusions myself about any directions this of any future government will go kev
  8. right, i must post this cos it was never my intent to cause ripples amongst your members... with refrence to the hunting ban thread...i was only asking for you all to vote mainly because once the anti's start to get a hold on public opinion they will not stop... i am not pro- fox hunting infact many falconers now hold them in contempt because the way they selfishly use a loop hole with a b-o-p on the hunt. i posted it here beacause i thought everyone would already understand how the anti's mind works....in there eyes any field sports...including fishing cause animal suffering...and seeing
  9. remeber folks....... they have evidence that fish feeling pain and getting stressed...... this is not a fox hunting issue its a blood sport !!! issue !!! this includes fishing i assure you !!! kev http://www.pisces.demon.co.uk/factshe7.html as you can see the countryside alliance is supporting you aswell http://www.countryside-alliance.org/index....id=0&Itemid=773
  10. i know some feel this does not affect the fishing sceen at the momment....but it will.. i have been fishing for many years now...and now i also enjoy falconry !! could you please take the time to look here and vote "no"...... im not into the foxhunt sceen myself but i feel that this will affect us all http://www.sky.com/skynews/home the vote box is on the right hand side and "no" is the vote...you will also need to click on the vote icon aswell many thanks and thanks for your support kev
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