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  1. Ive just joined a fishing club that allows fishing on the YORKSHIRE leven from leven bank upto the a19 road bridge , Ive never fished this section but looking forward to roaming it , in search of trout . chub when they are in season and hopefully seatroiut if they manage to get over the wear back end . Am i likely to encounter anyother fish other than stated and any ideas what size the trout get upto in this section and best tactics looking at it there looks to be alot of overgrown areas would worm be the killer method or would i be best to take flyrod instead ....Much appreciated ..
  2. Cheers Brian , gona have a trawl i think im gona have a look at the fewick range and see whats what , they seem to be cheap enough and they are suposed to be a good rod , nowt worse tho than blind ordering but heres hoping, ....cheers , p.s. it will be a great fighting a 10lb pollock on it single handed ... , ....
  3. Im currently thinking about investing in a baitcasting outfit to fish for pike and perch in my local river and the odd gravel pit , I currently use fixed spools for all my lure fishing but really fancy giving a low profiled baitcaster out fit a try , somthing with a trigger grip to be able to use one handed . The outfit will also be used now and again from the kayak . ....ideally i would like the outfit to be able to flick spinnerbaits out and crankbaits like rapalas dt range and things like taildancers etc and spoons Ive been offered a abu revo stx left hander for a good price so im afte
  4. Can anybody tell me who has the fishing rights on the river rye at nunnington near kirbymooreside ? i did a job down there the other day and as always i cannot cross a bridge without taking a look at the rivers occupants . seen a couple of nice fish , one must of been around 4lb maybe bigger , and it actually looked like a trout . but not sure ......i seen a sign upriver of the bridge saying fly only , but i am not sure if this rule just applies to upstream of the sign as it was on a fence . anyone ???
  5. dav

    Near Disaster

    Thanks for that brian , Will you do me a big favour mate and THANK your neighbour and the other lads on the life boat that put themselves in danger and plucked my mate from the water and re assured me all was ok ....If it were not for them my mate and even me might not be here today to continue on our fishy journey......Thanks R.N.L.I........
  6. Hiya brian , sory if i never responded to ure message some time ago , i think it may of been because my pc went down or somthing and the fact i havent been on here for a while ,,,,,sorry if i didnt ,,,,anyway , apparantly the frogs n newts could be saved as they are supose to be able to get cleaned up ,,,,,, its just very frustrating ,,,i mean they said they cannot afford to let anything escape into the system ,,,,,,the best part about it all is ,,,,the pit they have pumped the water into has overflowed and was flowing into the drain yesterday ,,,,,,so for me if they didnt want water to get
  7. I am not upto speed on crayfish etc , but thinking about it these particular crayfish i seen in the buckets did have white claws on the underside , are they signals ? im not sure , what i thought they may of done was to dig another pond and place all in habitants into it and for me there wouldnt of been a problem , but to kill healthy looking fish which apperead to of been surviving ok putting on good weights is sickening to say the least , i mean the years ive stalked them big carp in there , to see them slaughtered in such a manner is a shame indeed ...,,,,,,,,
  8. Surely this should not be allowed ,,,,,,i really cant get me head around it ...........
  9. Near were i work in thornaby there has always been a pond , which is about 5 ft deep and about 100m long by about 30m wide ,,,,,last year a company near by got planning permission to fill the pond in and re site it somewere near by so they could put a car park on the site , , now the work has started and to my horror , its been assessed by some company who said the pond has signal crayfish in , so they cannot re site the pond and its in habitants , as apparantly they have classed everything in the pond as contaminated due to it having signal crayfish in and they say they cannot risk loosing cr
  10. Esh ,,,,youve kept that quiet glen....i thought i was the pollock man
  11. I would of said its defo not a salmon due to square tail , looks more like a sea trout to me or a big brown ,, or a hybrid....wat ever it is its a bloody big gamefish and with it not being a salmon.its a trophy ,that would of been better going back.....
  12. dav

    lure fishing...

    Weres your local lake ? shropshire area? i would maybe ,fish it hard tea time onwards ,might be a worth trying , seems like a trip for me one night during the week ,after work,...cheers Dave
  13. dav

    lure fishing...

    ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT WYKHAM THERE ROONEY888. i really enjoy fishing there, The reason i say am i a bad boy suggesting going lure fishing at wykham to see what all the die hards say and think about me doing so as i thought it was actually abit early to be targetting pike , even though my heads telling me to go do it , many thanks , how much does it cost for an evening ticket is it a fiver , cheers
  14. Im seriously considering going lure fishing for pike n perch over at wykham lakes in yorkshire , especially with this lovely weather were having at the moment , what are you thoughts, am i way to early and a naughty boy for considering it ..cheers Dave
  15. whilst fly fishing lockwood beck on the north york moors last year i had a perch of around 2lb on a very small buzzer , funnily enough the fly i used was very similar to the one in the perches mouth on that pic , fished very deep and very slow, like the idea of the small spinner baits ( which i dont possess any of ) but im sure the trout would go mad for them too..
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