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  1. As per the title .... trip to hereford 7/8/9 nov if anyone knows this area, can you suggest stretches that are worth fishing - mainly for barbel but roach & chub also. Day ticket stretches preferrable as this will be our first trip to hereford. We have fished at Ross before and caught fish on the town stretch. Will obviously be getting advice from the local tackle shops when we're there, but any info in advance of that would be welcome Thanks
  2. I've just bought a Drennan Landing Net Handle (Mega Carp I think they're called). They are carbon fibre, extra strong and are either 2.8m or 3m long (they do 2 types). The quality is good (as you'd expect from Drennan), but they are a little heavier than a normal LNH. Would definatley recc them if strength is what you're looking for. Cost about £35.
  3. Thought I let you know how we got on in Sweden. See below written by John Hobbs The holiday once again arranged by Steve Williams was probably our best holiday yet. Some of us have been coming for 10 years or more and the 6 of us this year had a great time even though the weather deteriated as the 10 days progressed.We started with 8 days at Pers cottage near Sillerud, where the accomodation for all of us, was more than sufficient.We were met by Pers on the Friday night and his Knowledge of the local Area was invaluable.We prebaited his 6 garden swims on the first evening and found Bream g
  4. Jan - 15th June back to UK on the 25th June Thanks - appreciate your efforts
  5. You could try one of them pallatrax stonze to further camoflage your rig.
  6. Well its a coarse fishing trip so the main targets will be the bream, ide, tench and roach. May do a bit of spinning for the pike / zander also. Bob Nudd stayed at the cottage a few years back & the reports are he caught well on both the lakes and the river that runs through saafle (well he would being world champ) - lots of ide from the river. Jim - Saafle is located in Varmland, did you fish at Vastervik ? Jan - Pers House is located at Signebyn right on the lake there (hope the mozzies aren't bad !) All your help appreciated
  7. On the severn nowadays the pellet is outfishing maggot /caster. In normal conditions use a blockend filled with 2/ 4mm pellets & a 6 mm pellet on the hook. When the river is up use a bigger pellet (no feeder)wrapped in pellet paste - works a treat.
  8. Above should read Pers cottage ..... not that it will make any difference ! LOL
  9. Anyone fished at Pips Cottage or Villa Billarud (nr Saafle) in sweden. Got a trip booked through Anglers World for mid June and would appreciate any info, particularly fishing locations, methods and baits. Cheers
  10. I sent zebco/browning an email asking for details on prices/ availability of sections & got a very helpfull reply from them (see below) Hi Steve We now do the Black Magic 3 pole. The sections are identical to the 2 model in every way and it would be these sections you would need to order. The code is H103315 and the price should be no more than £64.00. You can order this from Bennetts of Sheffield (Northern) on 01142756756 (ask for Shawn or Gavin) or Marsh Tackle (Southern) on 01797366130 (ask for David Marsh) or Ted Carter (Preston) on 01772253476 (ask for Paul or Graham). Mention yo
  11. Thanks, but I've managed to find a pole for a decent price. Appreciate all your help
  12. Yes I knew it was a long shot, but nothing ventured ........ I only need a #5 section for the pole and browning are asking silly money. Ideas anyone ? Steve
  13. Hello Ian, I am interested in the black magic pole ( if its still for sale ). Please contact me on either 07850 409844 or 0208 4238193 and we'll discuss the price. Regards Steve
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