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  1. Turned out nice yesterday after the 3 weeks of wind,,,,,,,,like a mill pond at lunch time at bmth beach,,,,,,,,,,,,,,glad you got out shame about the fish,,,,,,,but thats how it goes ,,,,,,,,,rich.
  2. Yep saw that ,,,,,,the chap interviewed was Simon Everit with his dorado kitted out & ready to go ,,,,,,,,,,,theres been a couple more clips shown , but there different every time ,,,,,,,,,,, good luck to them all,,,,,,,,
  3. This is worth looking at as well ,,,,,good luck rich. http://www.driftwoodbeachbar.com/webcam.html,
  4. Hi moggy ,,,,,,theres a scotties in newport (capital,, & the other one is in the sandown backroads ,,,,,,,,,dead easy to find though with the free book ,,,,,,,, Good luck ......rich
  5. Sandown pier is just a stones throw away ,,,good float venue as well,,,,,,,,if you pick up the IOW guide book (free)on the ferry , theres Scotties tackle shop in the adds ,,,,,,they always know whats going on ,,,,,,,,,good luck , rich,
  6. Nice report there mark , wonderfull looking evening ,,,,,,,,i see overrun aka clint eastwood still nods off like he did at school ,,, Good job hellen never landed that cuttle fish ,,,john would have had to stick her on the roof rack to go home ,,,, Till next time ,,,,,,,rich,
  7. Nice one mark & well deserved ,,,,,,,,,beats stickle backs on size 22 s, rich,
  8. Brilliant weekend ,,,,,,,,,great bunch of people , great weather ,,,cheers to richie & all the people who took time out to show every one there what was what,,,,,,,,,,rich,,,
  9. Just weed & BIG waves at prez,,,,,,,ohh & wind and rain,,,,,,,,,,,fishings very poor ,,,,rich,,
  10. Hi ken , its orrible down here at youre old stamping ground ,,,its wimbledon & glastonbury time thats causing this ,, happens every year , They have stuck a live web cam up now ,just about where i met you at the bistro area at south bourne , see you soon mate ,,rich, http://www.bournemouth-surfing.co.uk/
  11. Just to stick my 5 eggs in , it was riche that got me started on yak fishing i saw him out there when i was shore fishing quite a few times , My first paddle was at last years demo weekend , ime now hooked & looking forward to the summer & calm sea:s . If it wasent for richi & his freindly bunch of mates giving up there valuable fishing time to show us the set ups ect , then i for one probably would not have followed it up ,,,,,rich,
  12. That bloke soon found out who his mates were ,,,
  13. As overrun said ,,,bream tactics will work ,,,,lift it a foot from the bottom & let it drop every 10 seconds ,,,,small weight , 2 ft 1 hook snood small strong hook , Ive had a smallish one bite a crapp hook in half while ime trying to unhook it , rich,
  14. yep i heard about that , the horrible bit in me thought it was dead funny,,,,,,,
  15. Hi john er (jasp), ive been watching your venture grow ,,,,,,,fantastic,,ime off on holliday that sat thats why ive not entered , ,Bu**er , cant even blame the strife , i booked it , , wish you well with it ,,,,see you at mudeford ,,,,GB,, err ( tiz me, lucky ),,bhaaaa
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