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  1. You have all missed the point entirely......the gear is aimed at AMERICANS. There are about 40,000,000 hunters in America - and if only 10% were rednecks that still leaves a maket of 4,000,000 potential customers who would not be bright enough to work out that there regualtion orange hi-viz (certain amount depending on county or state regs - some require a full jacket amount - sq. inches designated - others just a hat) in camo pattern wasn't any more camouflaged than a plain hi-viz orange. BUT the makers are still laughing all the way to the bank - because it gives these guys something new to
  2. Tub gurnards - great stuff. Nice day to be out too. Nice tip Lazy Hooker - yt to catch a trigger. been trying - can you get them on feathers or jigs at all? If so I will try for one on a fly!! After I have caught one on your squid tip. How big a hook and bait? Same as for bream?
  3. A C-tug won't deal with what he describes!! I have one and they are brilliant - the only option is to launch on a more friendly location and paddle round. Stones the size of a melon you can just about deal with, proper broken stony ground is just a nightmare. Find a small spot somewhere round the corner and paddle in to the stony beach from seaward - then you have to paddle back round again to your car - a paddle in of 2 miles or so isn't out of the ordinary, and 5 miles is necessary to some marks - especially so as to not give them away - a car parked is like sticking a flag on a mark!!
  4. That's cracked it now mate - no stopping you from now on.
  5. So what is fsihing/angling? For me, it is the art of contemplation whilst not actually catching anything.......the thnking man's sport - whilst fishing you have time to contemplate and think. The act of angling is not necessarily about catching - whilst fishing is. By the way there are only 3 true sports: hunting, shooting and fishing. Everything else is just a game - football is a game, not a sport, same with rugby, cricket, tennis, NFL, F1 motor racing (definitely NOT a sport - a competition yes, but a sport, no.) I HATE it when the papers call all the other things sports - darts or
  6. Jolly good - I have to confess it was I whoposted on Specimen's laptop.....stopped over you see. Very comfy their floor is on a thermorest mat! I can recommend the chillie!!!
  7. Stirring stuff - and what good old Blighty is reknowned for around the world - tough men and determination. Note how the drogue was used - to keep her head to sea (the clue here is that the bowman was put in charge of the drogue) it would have been used to keep her head to sea in the running surf, undermanned the oarsmen would have been tired from their ordeal already and so would struggle to prevent the boat from broaching even head to sea - as a wave hits it wants to trun the boat broadside, it is nly control from with the boat that prevents this natural reaction. The system is very
  8. Welshcaster - there aren't any kayak fishing clubs anywhere!!! These forums are the closest you'll get. We meet up, help each other, have a good time, some catch more than others. It is very friendly, very informal and very useful. Well done to yakity yak for getting Elton to give us the space to do all this. Talking of which - where is he? Gone quiet of late. Has been tied to the paint roller by his missus ?
  9. We are ALL going to catch congers.......and the weather is going to be fantastic. The beer cold, the teperature warm, the food cooked by a naked nubian slave........ now you know why I never catch much!
  10. You are welcome to try either th new Marlin or the Dorado - pictures in action on here somewhere if you look. I don't do computer wizardry!!!
  11. Scotsgun - it isn't politic to discuss business on the open forum - but give me a ring and I'll answer quesions happily. Just trying to keep the forum for fishig natter. I'll send you a PM with my number.......or you could look in any number of telephone boxes!!!
  12. Rough and tumble and feel together - you been playing with your missus again?
  13. Pav, if you are paddling trolling, even with a heavy weight and feathers, if you snag up you will not be able to paddle against it......try tying some 6lb line to a post and paddling away from it - I bet you can't break the line by paddling. The knot might let go, but tie it off and then wrap the line around a couple oftimes to take the strain off the knot - and try again. Even a mackerl will move the kayak and let you know tyou have a fish. - As you paddle you will feel the fish take and the yak will move off line a bit. If you snag in the tide, 12lb line will anchor the kayak! You won't
  14. What happened to your divers bag Richi - you've got a deck like a trawler!!! Last time I did that I lost 2 of the mackerel back overboard......and then I didn't zip the net bag up properly and lost the rest!!! There is a moral there somewhere. Do your zip up.
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