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  1. Hi Jas, Would be interested to know about the property you are staying in at Fordingbridge. Would you be able to PM me the details? Thanks, Chris
  2. I enjoy fishing for tench anywhere, from small weedy farm ponds where any tench over a pound is unusual to big gravel pits where the tench might be huge, but location might be "difficult" I suppose my favourite lies in the middle of that range - an old estate lake with lily beds and marginal flags where tench feed on the snails, etc attached to the flag and lily stems. 3lb is good, a five-pounder is exceptional, Traditional "lift" tactics, and its also traditional to say "good ol' Fred" when you connect with a rod-bender. Absolutely! If I found a place like that (and I thought I had a few years ago at Wotton) then that would be amazing. Years ago I did find a place like that, a perfect jewel of a water that a small angling club controlled; we caught wondefull numbers of Tench, Roach and Bream and the odd Pike in Winter. Suddenly one new season (on June the 16th) we all started to catch carp up to twenty pounds (none had been ever been caught from this venue). The following season the club lost the rights (after almost half a century) to a "new" carp syndicate. I still get very sad about that lake to this day, although I had no evidence, I was, in my opinion, convinced that the carp were illegally introduced from a very exclusive nearby Shropshire syndicate water during the clsoe season and then they waited till the rights were up for renewal the following year and gazumped the club into oblivion. Anyway, I hope the original poster finds a venue nearby and apologies for going off thread a little. Regards, Chris
  3. Good Luck, hope to see some news soon.... Regards, Chris
  4. Andrew, Many thanks. I quite agree with Autumn approaching it will be winter before we know it. I really need to get back into the fishing this year as I have been in a non angling state for far too long and keep thinking about those winter sessions we had.......... Chris.
  5. Congratulations on a super brace of Chub. It's so easy to get used to seeing fish like this on the Thames but a brace of chub of this size is a super event that would have made front page news back in the day. Well done! Chris.
  6. Indeed! Let me know when you are on the Quest and hopefully we can share a session or two over the remainder of the season..........
  7. Certainly looks like there are good numbers of Roach showing on the Thames; I have noticed a marked increase in the last three years or so. It would be great to hear if other rivers are showing a similar roach revival.
  8. A nice little tale there Andrew; I wonder if a few Roach were also hiding in those glides......
  9. That's a shame but it was fun while it lasted - i enjoyed a few of the early AN fish ins here which were always good fun.
  10. No, not this time around - I have promised myself to spend much more time on the Thames for Roach, Perch and Chub this season after last years fiasco. I have already had some lovely bags of Roach so things look very pleasant for the season....... Shall be looking forward to the zed reports in this thread and I know everyone will have fun!!!!
  11. I shall be looking forward to following this and reading how you folks get on! Fingers crossed that the weather is kind to you.
  12. You will be lucky to find a bait that crays will not eat.......I haven't yet. I suspect that as boilie flavours are designed to attract fish you will, if you have crays in the swim, be attracting them also. I think you used to be able to get a small plastic cage to go around the exterior of the boilie which, as others above have said, buy you a little more time. The best crayfish proof bait I have found is plain old simple breadflake. Best of luck, they can be a nuisance in the warmer months.
  13. Super Tench indeed! Congratulations. That is rather sad what people do to some fisheries; I used to live very close to Yately but fished the gravel pits over at Farnborough and had some lovely early morning trips for Tench. They started to do the same on their waters; cutting entire swathes of trees back.
  14. Well done Andrew, interesting to know chub are showing now. Could be an interesting winter! !
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