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  1. I dont need to see the swim from the photo, I just know where the good perch live. a large prawn on a 6, lowered very carefully into the forest, and a small bobber set just over depth. then sit and watch the world go by, just feeding the small fish to get some interest. Life is good some times. On the strike I try to strike into the bank, the therory beign the natural reaction is for the fish to go the other way , and fast, which mean out into clearer water. Then is all down to the rod and feel of the angler. sometimes it actually works, but sometimes just being there and watching the kingf
  2. There are some good fish in the club lake at scaland, I know because I have had several over 2, including a 3lb 2 and a 4lb fish. There is a bigger one because when the 4 came out the fish following it was wider across the shoulders and longer. I have been back several times but no luck , although some good fish came out. You just need to be brave and fish right into the roots!!!! Mike
  3. Reading through the names here brought back so many memories, Ilike most I started on my own. going to a school 400yds from Keston ponds was always going to be trouble!. I consumed books like sweets at that age, but with age I can now say that the 2 'writers' who stand out for me are Ivan marks and Len Head. Two more different anglers you could not find, but the one thing they had in common was enthusiasm and a love of all things piscatorial. It is sad that nowdays there are so few will sit and read a good book , not only to learn but to bring out ideas and questions. I fear that the in
  4. Just got mine, and then realised that its is my 40th licence, I remember getting both a south eastern and thames for a period , but always had one for the last 40 years without fail. They should do a nectar card .
  5. My seven year old son, He serves as , netsman, groundbait mixer, trolley puller, drink maker, bank runner, fish spotter, occasional depth gauge for magins (found this be accident and only works providing you know his current height, also has a audible temperature function with a default setting of 'its freezing') and my apprentice. I do this so that when I am too old and decrepid (not long now) he will repay the favour and take me (although I will not pull the trolley) Mike
  6. steve, hope it goes ok at the hospital, not my favourite places. I am seriously considering applying, would love to see how the water has come on from when i first came over many years ago
  7. Vagabond, now there is a shock, I am sure we have met, I am on commitee!! . I have to be proud of the club for its attitude, and proud of the boys for trying to learn and understand. Since I wrote the original Ross has managed to win his first comp (fished over 3 hours in a toal downpour), which at 7 is a great achievement. hopefully we xan encourage more kids to try and fall in love with the wonderful world of angling. Having read some of your posts about small stream fishing , and living close to lots of those streams has meant many walks looking with the boys, and we have found some
  8. Is that ilegal in sussex, I moved from kent 10 years ago and i believe it is a justifiable defence there
  9. Dave, This brought back so many memories. In the early 70's I went to school 400 yds away from these ponds, and this is where I learnt to fish. many ties skipping school to fish instead, and spending most of my school holidays here. a black prince reel, a glass fibre rod , crow quill floats oh for the old days. I used to go to a tackle shop on masons hill, almost opposite the tigers head. the owner used to give me free maggots was really helpful. I remember watching in awe as a man caught a Tench from the top end of the pond where the waters comes down. It was this fish that m
  10. Phone, I agree thats an impresive list , and a fair target The only thing they need is encouragment, transport and sweets !!!!! feel so much happier that there out doing things rather than sitting in front of a computer/playstation. lucky with my local club who have a great attitude and some nice little ponds ideal for them to learn proper things like watercraft and fish handling without camping out for days on end. Actually to be truthful I enjoy reliving my youth again. Mike
  11. This is how my week has gone, I have a son and his friend who thanks To crowborough angling club are now well and truely hooked, Lets start on tuesday, Teaching 7 year olds to cast in the garden has not gone totally according to plan, 1 he is right handed I am left, so the reel has to be changed and then I have to think about everything backwards. 2 after first cast with 2oz lead decided to replace with a rubber as less items ( greenhouse) will need fixing. 3 after ten mins we had managed, to hit the greenhouse twice ( see what the rubber was for now) , caught a 12lb bramble , bounced
  12. I have series 7 avons in 1.25 and 1.5 test curves and a mk11 tench float , all of these perform beautifully and have taken many double figure fish. I cant fault drennan in that respect, but it is alway a personal choice. The rods are good quality and have never once have I felt under gunned.
  13. i think it depends on the pudding, real black pudding is hard to come by, the stuff from supermarkets and more preservitives than blood. I have used blood from slaughterhouse before and it is brilliant, The problem is now is that you cant get it easily. There is a company that does kits for making your own black pudding online (I get my bacon cures from them), I was wondering if the dried blood would make a good additive. Might have to go and try it now
  14. Phone, bet the people who want to beat you use all sorts of suspect things in there boilies and pastes not to mention groundbait. Roe is the most natural source of cheap (in terms of effort) protein for fish and is available at a time when they need it most. so why not use nature to help us.
  15. hi steve, its nice to be back , i think. Have just spent a day with 2 juniors on there first comp, and they got 2nd and 4th and I think I have 2 boys who are going to be good anglers. Hopefully they will learn the same way I did, and have as much fun on the way.
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