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wet flies

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Damsel Nymph.

GRHE Gold head.

Olive gold heads.


Have done me OK this year as I have been back on the stillwaters. But all my decent sized fish have been taken on either Klinkhammers or Daddies.


If you must catch at all costs, then various brightly coloured bundles of fluff, orange, pink, green etc etc could be employed.


Reference costs: I have been inactive on stillwaters (for fly fishing) for several years until this year, but I have been to a couple of stillwaters over in Essex this year for socials and 4 fish full day is 25 quid plus. The stillwater my wife and I fished in cornwall was 15 quid for a 2 fish all day ticket and 28 quid for the specimen lake inc all day catch and release on the normal lake when the limit on the specimen lake has been taken.


Not sure what the costs are around here (Northants) anymore as the syndicate my wife belongs to does not have day tickets and I only fish her 6 guest days. Around here I fish for carp with boilies or Pike with deadbait, lure and fly. (the ultimate in big brightly coloured bundles of fluff !)


There is some good value fishing around if you look and your domestic arrangements allow you to get away for weekends and the odd week here and there.(Depending upon where you live of course) I have a syndicate membership which gives me access to lakes and rivers in Wales and Lancs. I fish these venues once a month. Also syndicate rods on a river in the Highlands, which we fish about three full weeks a year, each of these costs less than 12 trips to a small stillwater, yet provides salmon, wild brown trout and grayling. My wife still water syndicate is also good value as she fishes twice a week everyweek and the odd time three times in a week, when we are not away on holiday.


Its been a good year and I have warmed to the stillwater fishing somewhat, which can't be bad. Blinkers of and all that :D

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Christchurch AC down here have a good deal for members on a 3 lake complex near Wimborne.

5 fish all day £12.

2 fish 1/2 day £6.

'Sporting' ticket Catch & Release £6.

Only prob is the membership of the club is over £100!

But If you go every week or two as many do then its a very good deal. I've fished there about 10 times this year making my total 'fluff chucking' costs about £180 so not too bad at less than £20 a go (and I've always caught well).

But your membership gets you loads of coarse fishing on other waters as well!

Good beats on the Hants Avon and Dorset stour as well as 30+ lakes, with anything from 'proper carp' water to real 'mixed bag' fisheries.

A few bits of the Avon are good for the fly as well (a useful way to check out Barbel spots for June!).



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That,s a good deal Tog I allmost wish I hadn't moved up here from hampshire if you get those low prices.

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