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  1. http://www.knickerbox.co.uk Have a click about ------ hmmm hope to see more of this type of thing. Well - I've just spent a nice morning in, must go and buy another box of tissues!
  2. Often these MCB's trip when new 'green' lighting fails, it's to do with the fact they often short as they blow rather than go open circuit. If the fittings and wiring are ok it may be the circuit is overloaded. There are 'powered' MCB's about - these have little servo motor's in 'em and allow you to operate the larger MCB with a small low volt and safe switch mounted at low level. A Pro sparky will be able to do them, also the help the aged type charity's etc have info on these and simlar. If they are able many use a stick? - that's what I do, ladders - blimy, you not heard of working at
  3. Ken - you really ought to have a 16A RCBO on that circuit as its outside and underground. It's for your own (and your workers) good - Yes even if you do have an RCCD device on the incomer. Type B should be fine for normal loads - if you had some big couple of KW pumps or a compressor then a C might be needed. (As it's 'industrial' I'd have gone for a C - just gives motors a bit more time to spin up). 6mm sq SWA cable can give you 60 odd amps where fitted properly - so no probs with that plumbing. And cos I'm a pro I have to point out any changes you make to outside leccy stuff c
  4. I make no excuse for digging up this old post of mine other than the fact I'm extremely lazy... Wishing you all the greetings of the season without prejudice to race colour or creed, sexual preference or perversion, hair colour or length , job of work*, favourite fish, tie or tieless, type of automobile driven* , PC or Apple* , young or old or somewhere in between, housed or homeless, married single or ‘civil partnershiped’, beer wine or sprits* , tall or vertically challenged, shamed or shameless, virgin or slut, speed of internet connection, playstation or Xbox, strictly come dan
  5. Many thanks for your messages. On a 'fishy' note - the bridge that the engine is crossing on the 1st pic (and parked beside) is over 'The Bourne rivulet' of Test / Bourne fame - the one fished by 'Plunket Green' in his book 'where bright the waters meet'.
  6. Not been about on here to much lately - huge amount of work on and major upheaval in my home life - now divorced me. But to cap a fairly rotten year off my dad died from prostate cancer a few weeks back (he had been ill a long time). And although this was a very sad time for my mother, brothers and myself we managed to give dad the send off he deserved. The cortage was led by his Foden 'Timber tractor' Samantha - pulling a trailer carrying his coffin, my brothers - grandsons and myself walking behind followed by three other Foden wagons. We had a nice walk of 1 mile and a half and
  7. Youtube Video -> Does it for me..............
  8. Yep, Mr Crabtree was buried in a wicker coffin a bit like one of these: http://www.wickerwillowcoffins.co.uk/ 'Green burials' are becoming more and more popular and Bernard was one of my 1st customers. Anyone interested in 'alternatives' to cremation and traditional graveyards can google for 'Green burial' or contact the 'Natural death center' http://www.naturaldeath.org.uk/ These people are full of info on alternatives to traditional burial / cremation. http://breachfarmwoodlandburialground.co.uk/ Is the site I have an interest in, anyone who wants info just drop me a PM here -
  9. My girlfriends son is often aggressive if he's managed to sneak grand theft auto onto the PS2, but he does suffer from a few disorders - like 2 dads who don't give a damm - and I have to say it a mum who's not good with disciplining him. Any 12+ PS2 games are contraband when he's with us - and he's under no illuions, next time I find him on it I snap it in two. But - he is a 'monkey see monkey do' sort of kid, many kids do see that it's make believe and act accordingly. If I had to ban kids from anything it would be blackcurrant and fizzy drinks with crud in em, makes GF's cherubs into d
  10. And another 'OO' paw here. If you really want MSoffice 2000 and whatever it is - the student editions are often about £70.
  11. Should that no be 'what's the use of the BBC weather forcast Vags?? Had me a lovely late morning / afternoon here at Southbourne - exactly as forcast by Metcheck on Friday, and as forecast today is a washout - hence the beach trip yesterday.
  12. After many evenings of heated debate at the Philly, the Liverpool outer space agency finally filled in the forms for Lottery funding and obtained a grant of over 1 billion pounds sterling from the good causes fund. Half a billion was to be handed over to enable production to begin on Scousebird 1 – the 1st Lottery funded spacecraft ever to be built. The other half was to be handed over on proof of a moon landing by the elite team led by Capt Yosser of the LOSA agency along with the crack Moon lander team of Barry and Terry from ‘somewhere down near the docks like’. Yesterd
  13. Best wishes to Sue and yourself Tony, I wish Sue a speedy recovery and many more years of providing tinctures at the bankside. Mark
  14. Scats http://www.scatscountrystores.co.uk/scats/.../homepage.jhtml Do huge syringy things for dosing horses etc. I made the mistake of asking for a syringe in boots once:- 'We do a sharps exchange sir, would you like to come somewhere private?' hmmm - nope I want it for syringing glue under the wallpaper bubbles the wifey left.........
  15. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/03/02/bo...ooks_to_sewers/ We've had it here for over a year Newt! Nothing new tho - I subscribed to the H20 broadband TV over Xmas and it was just the same old sh1t.........
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