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A ralaxing day . . . bass fishing?

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Yep, thats what I was looking for, a 'Lazy day afloat'. Put the anchor out and watch the fish bit . . . yeh Mentioned in the week to member how the Outer Ridge has been known to throw up the od decen bass, loked at the forcast . . . why not. Got a few peelers, some monster rag and a freezer full of squid.


The outer ridge is only a half-hour steam from the marina, almost flat calm, loverly, then I spied in the mist a small trawler. O'well I'm here now, give it try. To cut a story short, all I did was feed the crabs for an hour.


Back in to the river, wasted 90 minuts of the new tide, as it took some time to steam. Tried verious marks, nothing, slowly working my way to an area I treat as a 'banker mark'. Even here, nothing . . . OK 'sidways thinking', where might they be, the deep water, nah, a third of the tide has gon, it goes dead then. But with ragworm and not a fish, not even a sprat . . .


This is suposed to be a relaxing day, on feet all the time, brain in gear permanatly, and drifting which is an exciting way to fish but tiring.


The next hour and a half, saw 8 bass boated, 2 + 40cm, 3 + 36cm and a couple of sprats . . . thats seven . . . yep I had one worm left, there was a hole, in the deepest part 40ft+.


I had never drifted the hole . . . so, nothing to loose, last worm, set the drift, the worm was at lest 10" long so half a worm!!! tight git A 40ft + hole with 1oz of lead takes a long time to bottom out. The half worm was intercepted on the way down, missed the fish, slack line and all that. OK, added the other half worm, all wiggly, and again the long drop to the bottom, by this time I was at the back edge of the hole and running onto some deep rough ground . . .


You know that saying, "I can feel it in my water", well I could . . . Bang!!! no messing the toothpick of a rod bent double. This was a different fight, no dashing about, just power, stay deep, take line type power. Finaly the grey form came to the surface, the fish netted, only lightly hooked, a heavier more powerfull rod would have pulled that hold free. 50cm, about 3'ish+ pounds? A satisfying end to a great day afloat.


Ready for the net . . .



Safly aboard . . .



Thats a lot of water to find a few bass in . . .



It true these fish are not large by the standards of the long distance off shore marks in this aea, but I find it balances nicly in my mind against fuel and time needed, puerly a personal choice.



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I agree. Love that photo :)

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Excellent report and as others have said, a cracking photo!


I feel a new camera coming on......hold me back!




Are you taking bookings?



Janet, those pictures were only taken with my Canon S50 Compact P&S . . . 5mmp's. Its a very old camera technology wise.



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