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  1. Yes indeed, I still pop in here occasionally and I'll certainly be buying a copy! I've been waiting for this! Janet
  2. I donated last night, but it didn't let me leave him a message! I'll be there to watch....he's as mad as a box of frogs, as always....: Janet
  3. I'll try, but with two jobs and a new grandchild, time's a bit on the limited side! Janet
  4. Janet

    Photo Of The Day.

    Lytham St Annes Nice light on those haybales Manxman! Janet
  5. Janet

    Photo Of The Day.

    Well, sort of! It's a pseudo HDR done with just one jpeg, using Photomatix Pro. Janet
  6. Janet

    Photo Of The Day.

    Leeds and Liverpool Canal Untitled by Janet Stansfield, on Flickr
  7. It's nice to be back....just been a little busy recently... Yes, I'm now officially a Nana! At five days old he was introduced to the canal where I'll be taking him fishing in years to come... I do keep popping in to keep up with stuff....JV44's double figure pike was a good 'un and I'm delighted to hear that my friend Martin has been honoured with the MBE... Janet
  8. I've only just seen this news, and I'm absolutely delighted for Martin. As some of you will recall, a few years ago I was a complete newbie...I emailed him after listening to his show on Radio Lancashire, and the next thing I knew, he had me out on the bank where I caught my first chub. I can't find the link right now, but I did write a story about it and several of our other excursions. We had several trips to his stretch of the River Ribble and over to Yorkshire, and he also took me out and introduced me to fly fishing... ...all of this was completely free - he even picked me up
  9. Lovely colour there Judy! Janet
  10. Hi Judy! Hope all's well with you? Janet
  11. I've tried to pre-order it, but having some PC problems tonight.... No prices showing on the website, but I'm not too concerned...I'll be happy to pay full list price for this if it's anywhere near the quality of the last one. He really is a lovely guy and his writing speaks for itself...he really has a passion for angling and a lovely way with words. Janet
  12. I just found this tonight... Jon Aston - The Glorious Uncertainty Hopefully due to be published later this year. If it's anything like A Dream of Jewelled Fishes, then it will be well worth a read. Janet
  13. My personal favourite would have to be "A Dream of Jewelled Fishes" by John Aston...it's a lovely book. I had the opportunity to fish with John shortly after the book was published and have a chat with him, so this book means a lot to me. Janet
  14. I had a particularly memorable day a couple of years ago (and how I wish I could forget it!) I’d joined a local angling club, specifically so I could fish the pond at a local National Trust property. It’s a rather nice little place, and I was looking forward to it. When I arrived, as on many occasions since, I was the only angler there. I set up on what I thought was the best peg, and had a cracking day, landing lots of small roach and perch. Nothing major, but enough to keep me ticking over all day. Then I realised that I really needed to answer the call of nature….what was I to do? I couldn’
  15. I'm on 9.0.1 with no problems to report... Janet
  16. 36 hours was my longest...great fun, but I really needed to get home for a long hot shower and a defrost afterwards. The fishing was fun to start, but soon turned into a test of stamina and not so much fun after that...I was so tired I couldn't think straight, but then I did stay awake for it all and resisted the temptation to kip in the fishing cabin... Now my initial enthusiasm has worn off, I'm happier with shorter days and a bit of comfort. Janet
  17. That photo looks genuine to me... Janet
  18. Hard to tell really, but it seemed like just the odd 2 or 3 fish per angler...certainly not huge quantities, but multiply that by the number of anglers and it all adds up... No, and I regret it now, I didn't report it...we were cruising on a narrowboat at the time and wouldn't have been able to give accurate locations. By the time we reached the next bridge or lock to give a definite location, they would have been long gone.... Janet
  19. I spend a lot of time on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, as I have a weekend job doing handovers for a local narrowboat hire company which means I'm cruising on the canal for several hours each day. Throughout the summer I have witnessed carp, perch and pike being taken...people fishing with nothing but a rod and a carrier bag. On our recent ten day trip on a narrowboat, I saw fish being taken every day...sometimes just put in a carrier bag, but twice they were simply hauled out and thrown on a bankside barbecue. It happens... Janet
  20. Janet

    Jan Vail

    I didn't know Jan personally, but feel she was a friend through this forum. At 18.00 tonight I lit a candle and thought of her. I never knew her, and she never knew me, but she was still a friend....the candle will go out shortly, but Jan will live on in the memories of all those who were in contact with her. My thoughts are with you Newt, as I'm sure are lots of others... She may be gone, but she'll never be forgotten! You take care now. Janet x x
  21. I agree, it's not worded very well! I clicked save before I amended it and now I'm stuck with it... Janet
  22. You're right there...I haven't been fishing on my club lake since February...it's been a bit of a difficult year with one thing and another....I haven't had time to get up there, and to be honest, I'd really lost the inclination to go...much as I loved the place, the fishing has changed, and I think not for the better. I've always said that I'm happy to catch anything that comes along, but carp after carp isn't my idea of fishing... I am still fishing though, but now mainly restricted to the canal...not a bad thing really....! It's not easy, but it sure is fun! I'm not knocking my old
  23. I'm not blaming the carp...I'm blaming the anglers who can't seem to see beyond the end of their rod/pole and realise that a mixed fishery is far more attractive to many anglers, myself included. If I'd wanted to fish a carp water, I would have joined one...there's one local to me where you're pretty much guaranteed a double figure carp per cast... That sort of place simply doesn't appeal to me... Janet
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