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Will Tench feed in november?

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Well, I went fishing last weekend and all I caught was tench! caught 3 regular tench and 1 golden tench on van den eynde strawberry jellets :) I must recomend that bait for tench, bite after bite after bite from carp and tench :)

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From what I have read, Tench do slow down this time of year. They tend to sit more on the bottom and not eat as much, this also means they tend to stay very local (In that they don't travel the waters as much also)


I will also add though that Tench are not loners! They normally move around in ''feeding groups'' or shoals if you like. This means that if you can locate the Tench at this time of year you certainly have a chance of catching them (And more than one)


However with the colder weather you may find you have 30-40 Tench all in a small section of the water. they will all be reluctant to patrol the waters as often so you may need to ensure you have located them to be successful.


My recommendation would be to head for a bait that will suit a variety of fish. Sweetcorn/Worms... Something of that nature. That way you know you ''should'' get some interest from various species... But at the same time your not ruling out Tench for your landing net!


Many say ''Red'' is the best colour for Tench. (I will add all the ones from this season have come from red maggot or red sweetcorn) so maybe there is some truth to that?


Nevertheless good luck!

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I`m fishing a lake in november where the main species are Bream and Tench is it worth targetting the tench?

the lake is www.watersmeet.co.uk





Not sure if I would target the Tench at this time of year but they should take the same baits as the bream which should still be feeding well. larsagi bait tips should help you catch both if they are still feeding.



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I`m fishing a lake in november where the main species are Bream and Tench is it worth targetting the tench?

the lake is www.watersmeet.co.uk



Tench fishing, for me, will always be synonymous with early summer mornings.Lily pads, 'Dawn Chorus', sweet perfumed air, peace with the world, arm-wrenching action!

Interesting question though.Never even considered targeting them at this time of the year, so let us know!

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If its as cold as the last weekend with night time frost and cold bright days i would say forget targeting the tench. you may catch them and i have had them in December but that was on a commercial and the weather was mild with night time temps above freezing and had been like that for a while. take maggots and worms and cut down your loose feed by putting small amounts in and only feed to bites. you may try fluro pinkies if your local shop stocks them. tight lines

take a look at my blog


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