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Had a great days fishing on Saturday, which resulted in a new PB rainbow of around 15-16 lb. It wasn't weighed as I wanted to return it but my previous weighed PB was 13lb and this was quite a bit bigger!

I would post a photo but it won't work fr me???

OK, that's better

The fish was caught at my favourite fishery, Haddo in Aberdeenshire.

I was float tubing using a 7' 6" 3wt I built on a St Croix blank, lovely little rod.

I was using a size 14 bloodworm buzzer on a 4lb fluorocarbon leader fished deep and almost static. The take was slow and gentle and the fish fought reasonably well, but not as much as say a good 7lber. It did dive under some trailing willow at one point but I managed to free it and it came to the net pretty easily after that.

Haddo must be the best small fishery in Scotland and certainly the best value. I had a full days float tubing, catch and release for 15quid and Mike would have provided the tube, if I hadn't got my own.

Double figure trout are fairly common and mine wasn't the largest landed in the past week.

If any of you fancy a days tubing with a good chance of a very big fish give me a shout, or contact Mike at



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What a massive fish.....so did it fight, what were you doing, where, what with...etc etc....


re the photo, post it onto somewhere like www.photobucket.com then copy the image link into your email, and it should work, there are full details on the photo forum, it's quite easy once you've done it, i used to post on here a lot, so it must have been easy, 'cos I'm useless with IT.



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Nice fish Sportsman! Well done! Its been a while...you still building that rod for me?

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