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The six page limit, baaaaaa, the CA continued!

Peter Waller

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Interesting read last night, Collin Willock, excellent dude, in his book Duck Shooting, published in 1962 wrote the following:-


'While the anti-blood sports battle rages fiercely and emotionally, and illogically, in practically every other field from fishing to stag hunting, the duck shooters and the duck watchers and conservers have rightly seen that they have the same object in view, namely to maintain the largest possible supply of ducks.'


This was published in 1962, and obviously written before that date. The anti's existed back then and we are still here.


But Colin is right, the common aims of duck watchers and duck shooters did unite both sides of the arguement.


Perhaps we should be adopting the same pose re conservation and fish stocks. As has been pointed out some folk hunt fish and other folk hunt fishermen. But that aside we have a good case, as do the duck shooters. We should promote it.


I think that the hunters of fox have tried the same tactics but their tactics, e.g. the CA, for whatever reason, has failed. I'm guessing that it is the arrogance as much as anything.


I do think that angling can learn from the Wildfowlers. Like them we hunt, we have shared aims. So why am I, and thousands of other anglers objecting to the CA? There are some things that go beyond what is reasonable, can't be defended, and killing foxes with dogs, like bear baiting before it, is not one of them. I also find an arrogance, verging on ignorance, in the CA that I find off-putting, an arrogance that I have never found amongst wildfowlers.


Angling has a strong case, we need to present it as anglers. I stress the bit about 'anglers' and suggest that it should be independant of others. The Wildfowlers fought their case independently and won, there is a lesson in that!

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From the previous thread before the mindless dictator closed it....


"The fact is I accept that I risk the wellbeing of the fish for my own amusement, and anyone who does not accept this is being less than honest with themselves.

I am not ashamed of what I do, I have no reason to be. I do whatever I can to minimise the impact I have on the fish I catch but I maintain that if we want to have no impact the answer is simple - stop fishing!"


I see we agree on something Mr Olley.. :)



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'I see we agree on something Mr Olley..'


I'd have said on the face of it Dave that you and Sportsman had an almost identical outlook on angling. Am I missing something?? :confused:


Is there a restriction on the number of pages that any thread can run to on this forum? :confused:

Slodger (Chris Hammond.)


'We should be fishin'

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Peter Waller:

Yes, a rather pointless six pages!

A day or so away hospital visiting and I missed the chance to reply on the last 3 pages.


Like Wildfowlers(I joined WAGBI c1964), both anglers and fox-hunters want to see a healthy population of their quary species.

The estates that I help out on, frown on snaring and shotgunning as forms of fox control.

Wildfowling is gradually suffering the 'death of a thousand cuts' through the back door.

The assault on angling is just as devious.


[ 27. March 2005, 10:05 AM: Message edited by: Jim Roper ]


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Peter, you say "thousands of anglers objecting to the CA"..... not in my book matey!


All I see are a FEW posters on AN.


Leon and Paul seem to be bemoaning the fact that it was ok for them to explore the worlds fishing in far flung places, guided by simple poor natives, but that others "with nothing but money" are not to be allowed there as they spoil it all.


Chances are that the "poor" natives are doing very nicely out of it, acting as PAID guides to the rich sportsmen and women.


And have any of you noticed that NO ONE from the CA has come on to AN and critisized FACT or any other of our "Governing" bodies?


I think it was Dave Lumb who pointed out that even though "speaking with one word" when it came to the crunch they were ignored by the minister on the NW live bait issue.


I am not as cynical (paranoid?) as Peter W, but I am beginning to wonder if anglers are being outwitted by the ministerial teams.



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As I understand it, once a thread gets too big, it starts seriously slowing down the server when people access it, so that all the forums start to run slow.


That was discovered when everything slowed down when the word game thread, out to set a record for the number of postings to a single thread, went to multiple pages.


So, now there's a page limit on each thread.


A popular thread can be re-opened anew.


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