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  1. Not to be confused with the not quite so old git with a grey beard and specs on the next stand along.
  2. Not that photo again.... http://www.pacgb.co.uk/aboutpike/mythbusting.htm
  3. I've caught a few barbel (to 9lb+) on Tuttis. Not enough of them to set the world alight, but the do catch barbel.
  4. Can't have been a Seymo, Andy. They are powder coated metal.
  5. I know they're not 'south' but how about Castle Loch or West Pond? http://www.castlelochfisheries.co.uk/ http://www.bowmanfishman.fsnet.co.uk/West%20Pond.htm
  6. If RPM's still looking in I'll add my two bob's worth - having caught barbel around Newark. If the river's carrying up to three feet and is coloured with not too much debris coming down you've got good conditions that are easily managed. Five or six ounces should be enough. If that won't hold try casting upstream and feeding a BIG bow in the line. So much of a bow that the line enters the water downstream of your rod. If that doesn't work seek out a spot where the lead will hold. A good area type to look for is a crease just below the inside of a bend, with slacker water (or an ed
  7. Try a green plastic pan scourer.
  8. I thought the work done on the sewage system a few years ago was supposed to have stopped this happening every time there was a storm. Sad as it is the drain will bounce back in time - there will still be fish in the drain network above the source of the pollution. Help from the EA with restocking will speed that up.
  9. Much of it wasn't. Self publishing costs all depend on what sort of quality you are prepared to accept - and/or how much of the layout you can do yourself. Even a low print run of less than 1000 can be profitable.
  10. Spoiler When's the paperback edition due out?
  11. I had an eel regurgitate a load of tadpoles (and red maggots) in the weigh sling about three years ago when there were masses of tadpoles in the margins. The eel was caught at least forty yards from the bank - on two grains of Enterprise corn!
  12. Nice to know you too Mr Anonymous.
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