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Stoney, Yateley and Anglers' Net

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Guest Andy Thatcher
Originally posted by stoney:

Well,  Elton is on Sandhurst Lake



Oh nooooooo !


Just keeping it up ! The thread that is !!!




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Guest Alan Taylor
Originally posted by stoney:

Lots of room on the other lakes,  if you are intereste.


Hi Stoney, we need to know when to travel for booking the ferry and getting there from the begining, fishing and when will we be leaving (don't want to miss the raffle). I understand there are some great prize's from Jaybee including a cash prize. Can you clear these points up for us?

I am getting pressure and keep telling the other lads that I am waiting for special offers from the Ferry firms.

It is difficult getting sponsorship from the Dutch for a UK charity so don't be dissapointed if we only turn up with a few spare cases of beer.

You seem like an educated person and know a lot of medical people, can you answer this question? Does anal retentive have a hyphen? rolleyes.gif


Keeping it up there.









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Guest stoney

Sorry to say, but there is no cash prize on offer. These events are social and there are prizes on offer to the highest raisers of sponsorship money. The vast majority of prizes go into the raffle. If money comes into it, ie biggest specimen etc, then a differant "animal" comes out in some anglers. And to add to that we have to find stewards, fish being kept too long etc etc.


Gates open 1000 hrs Fri - Raffle 1300 hrs Sun. Gates locked at 1500 hrs.



"see ya soon"



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Guest Webbo

Who needs prizes - we're leaving the wives and kids behind for a few days.

Bless their lil cotton socks smile.gif




[This message has been edited by Webbo (edited 23 July 2001).]

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In that case i've cocked up twice then cos i've got my wife & daughter coming with me biggrin.gif


I thought it'd be nice for Cheyenne to wake up with nature all around her smile.gif good thing is it should be pretty quiet during the night as well (i'm really gonna miss listening to the motorway all night honest) rolleyes.gif



TROGG (Alan)


my sites here

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