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Originally posted by Oatmealjack, glad to have you guys in the fight beside us!  Oat[/b]


Hi Oat, I am in Oz, and we are also providing military support. As President Bush said, "If you aren't with us, you are for terrorism". It was good to see him stand up to say that, in my eyes, he took on the mantle of a leader during that speech. I have been so angry since I saw those planes crash into the towers - and the towers collapse - I feel that I want to fight the bastards too. He also said that the would bring the bastards to justice - or take justice to them. I hope it is the latter, dealing with them in a court of law is a waste of time, it is a sign of weakness in the eyes of their co-horts. The only thing they understand is what they dish out. They have sowed the wind, now let them reap the whirlwind!

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Man i have got to learn to control my temper frown.gif


I've just been told i can't see my kids this week because i told the EX-wife what i thought of a "joke" she texted me on my mobile & what i thought of her for sending it.


The "joke" was called (& i apologise for this in advance) Terrorist productions present "the falling towers" ..argh ...urgh..scream .. & so on as you can guess i laughed till my sides hurt!!


Like hell i did & she now knows that! mad.gif


I might not be able to see my boys this week but at least she knows just how funny that joke is to "normal" (if thats what they call me) people.


Sorry for putting this on here but i had to vent my anger somehow & letting the world see what a stupid cow my ex is seemed a damn good idea.



TROGG (Alan)



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Hey mate, I know how you feel.


Perhaps the cow mentioned is out in the same pasture as some of the insensitve, ignorent folks we have here.


But on a positive note, I heard on the news this morning that our government is lookiing internaly, to go after the folks here that solicit funds for the IRA.


They know that many so called "charitable funds" are fronts for money collections that are not acceptable.


I and many others have been on the phone with representatives from our areas, the fed Senate, and on the internet spreading the word that this is an issue that we will not accept, and that we want cleaned up now.



Not claiming to have caused all this but when enough individuals start making alot of noise, some times the wheels of government will start to grind.


I AM most pleased that my government is taking this seroiusly, hoping for fast results.



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