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Many acts of heroism being reported here With many rescue people killed and injured.


US Naval forces are deploying on our East coast with aircraft carriers being stationed off NY.


happychef..thank you for the apoligies, but you seriously wouldnt have appreciated my first reaction if I had been in your presence. All is forgiven, at least from myself.


Lets all get off of happychef, and as some have said there are much more important issues at hand .


Good for Mr. Blairs response, We all need to do our best to stop the terrorism NOW!


Im sick of seeing all the innocents getting slaughtered without an effective worldwide response. If a country is harboring terrorists, or funding operations than I say we need to hit them hard, no warning, no quarter given.


Once we dig out from this there is going to be some stiff reactions, and its good to know that we Yanks have such a strong and willing country as the UK, that is with us when we need you.



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Guest Alan Taylor
Originally posted by ALAN FAWCETT:

Steady Son, neither the time or place. He is entitled to his opinion.


To all you guys over the pond, you have our support, specialised rescue teams are on standby in the UK and Holland with search dogs and expertise. If your President asks I am sure they will be on there way within minutes.


My prayers (and I aint religous) are with you all.


Alan(nl) (UK)

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Guest Andy Thatcher

Abhorence, disgust, tragic sadness at the pointless needless loss of life, down right rage.


Just a few of the responses elicited from me today.


Never seen Tony Blair so angry he could hardly read a speech.







ANMC Member, Go on you know it makes sense !

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Sam, Newt & everyone else in the States, just to let you know my thoughts are with you all out there, especially those with friends or family in the areas that have been hit.


I have just had a mail back from some relations over there to confirm that they are OK.


It really is a sad and crazy world we live in. It is at times like this I wonder what on earth I have done bringing the boys into this world so full of pain & destruction.


I just pray to God that they don't have to witness the pain & suffering that is going on in other parts of the world today.


Elton, you were right in what you said about this thread. This is why I like AN so much because we do care about each other even though some of us have never met. This showed when Gordon Scott died, we all felt as though we had lost a friend.



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Guest fisherman

Newt, Sam and all the rest of you guys over there.

I could not believe my eyes and ears when I saw this dissaster on the T.V.

My thoughts are with you all.

These maniacs/fanatics do not deserve to live.


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Guest Vagabond

Have only just got home from fishing, and logged on all eager to share experiences. That must wait, as I am so very shocked and dismayed at the news. On a personal note I just hope all our USA friends on this net - Newt,Sam,Oat,Phone and others - are physically OK and that goes for their relatives and friends.


Sadly, the perpetrators have no regard for the sanctity of human life - I just hope the civilised world stops pussyfooting around with their treatment of terrorists and their hangers-on. Terrorism, whether by religious or political groups, drug barons, or the so-called animal "rights" fanatics has got to be stamped out. If that means stamping on a few "human rights", then so be it.


For too long the political correctness industry has allowed terrorists literally to get away with murder - look at the farce surrounding the trial of the Lockerbie bombers. There is a right wing backlash being stored up as a result - the longer it is in coming, the more extreme it will be. As Nick-in-the-North says, "God help us all"






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We (at work) were shocked when we heard the news, and we spent most of the afternoon watching the tragic events unfold on tv. To be honest, I still cannot believe that is has happened.


I can only feel the deepest sympathy for our American friends who frequent this site, and especially for the victims of this outrage. America and England have had a long history of friendship (not counting a little squabble 200 hundred years or so ago), and you can be sure that you are all in our thoughts right now. No-one can look at those images and not be affected. I can only imagine the horror the victims went through, both in the buildings and in the planes frown.giffrown.giffrown.gif


I can only hope that some good comes from this tragedy, and that a concerted world-wide effort is made to combat terrorism at its roots.


One thing though, I thought the World Trade Centre was designed to be able to withstand an impact like that, since that was what happened to the Empire State Building in the 20's or 30's....



John S



ANMC Member - Get the best out of fishing, join today.

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Guest darrell.cook

In today's modern age you tend to build up an immunity to atrocities,sensitivities become numb because evil deeds have become commonplace.

Then this happens.

I feel sick to my stomach.

I cannot escape the terror that these victims must have felt when the second plane hit the World Trade Centre.To be stranded in this collosal building,then to come crashing down,it is truly haunting.

I have visited the US many times,and stood at the top of the World Trade Centre just a few months back,even in normal conditions the height makes your knees weak.My heart bleeds for these people.


This has to be the worst attrocity ever in times of supposed peace.

I cannot understand what sort of fanatical beliefs can fuel mankind to carry out such an act.

If, as it appears these fanatics are from the Middle East,then I believe they must be sort out and eliminated,no ifs,no buts,no maybes.Only full and complete action can avenge this disgusting event.

It is impossible to negotiate with people who have the ability to fly a passenger jet into tens of thousands of civilians.

Deepest sympathies to our American cousins.

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