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Groundbait mix the night before?

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I carry groundbait dry and mix with Venice water for the same reason as b-bear.  In the same way if there are any molehills near the water I add some molehill soil to the mix .  Molehill soil smells quite strongly of earthworms - even I, a mere human, can detect it.

Using lake water also avoids the chlorine problem.  We grow a lot of fancy plants including orchids and they definitely dislike chlorine, so we have installed three water butts to catch rainwater.  If I ever mixed groundbait at home I would use rainwater.

I see the bloody spellchecker has stuck its nose in again. For Venice read venue.

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I don't think I've ever mixed groundbait the night before, but I do take my time and mix it very gradually and carefully on the bank, and then let it stand for a while before mixing again with extra w

It doesn't bother wild caught coarse fish, or wild caught exotic fish in the aquarium. They all feed like there's no tomorrow after a water change, and I change at least 50% at a time. Very

Pretty big pond though Keith ! Lol.

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