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I'm after some good tips and methods that will catch me a chub in cold conditions - ie rigs , methods , baits that will help me along my way and my blog

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Andy, don't want to post this publicly, but when you have made a few more posts and can access the PM system, drop me a message so that I can contact you directly? ... happy to point you towards a

Yup. In settings.


Sorry but can't help with Chub. None near where I live - although I do think I caught one a few years back when I visited some forum members and got some expert help on catching UK fish.

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Welcome to AN - have a look here as a starter: http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/coarse-fishing-articles/winter-chub-fishing.html


And this may be useful: http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/coarse-fishing-articles/fishing-with-bread.html


If you have any specific questions ask away, a lot of it will come down to the rivers you fish - they're all different and what works on one might not be very good on another.

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Tough one to reply to this on an open forum. Sticking to the original question and observations......Yarm free stretch you will struggle for chub though they do get caught in the matches in winter (the perch move down in winter as well - occassionally a bumper catch can be made). Middleton one row produces chub and barbel, but theres only a few pegs. Broken scar can produce chub and barbel especially in the warmer months (plenty of dogs jumpin in your swim to keep you occuppied). The free bit at Gainford can produce chub as well in summer - but they are more thin on the ground up there.


I'd suggest joining a club, and joining one with access to Teesside Association water. This is where i keep shut now because of publicity rules etc...

Please visit my blog at http://jimmysfishing.blogspot.com

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