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Good fishing in Liverpool?

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Alan Stubbs:


I see you are from Anglesey, so are you a sheep sha**er? And I don't mean shanker!

Didn't believe it was in the board rules to allow personal abusive remarks...


edit note: content deleted from this post and several replies removed as well.


If anyone wants to discuss good places to fish in the Liverpool area, please open another topic.


I think the next comment was a good one so on that note, it will become the closing comment of this thread. Newt


[ 22. August 2005, 01:03 AM: Message edited by: Newt ]

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Anyone on here know of a good spot in or near Liverpool?


I know of the major park lakes such as Newsham, Speke, Sefton and Croxteth.


Stanley Park lake is in a bad state.


i've been going to Warrington to fish lately, in Longbarn Park near Padgate, and Grey Mist, a massive lake also near Warrington.


But i live in Anfield and i aven't got a car, so i was looking for some good local places, any advice?





I have just got back into fishing latley, and i visited the liverpool-leeds canal in the vauxall rd area and it was excellent fishing, caught some Rudd and a decent size may i add, and i believe there is no limit to what you can catch in there, good day's fishing!

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