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Good fishing in Liverpool?

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Anyone on here know of a good spot in or near Liverpool?


I know of the major park lakes such as Newsham, Speke, Sefton and Croxteth.


Stanley Park lake is in a bad state.


i've been going to Warrington to fish lately, in Longbarn Park near Padgate, and Grey Mist, a massive lake also near Warrington.


But i live in Anfield and i aven't got a car, so i was looking for some good local places, any advice?




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Guest tigger

There`s a couple of lakes in Orrell nr Billinge,when i used to go a few years ago i had countless carp from 15 to 26lb.The ponds are also stocked with the usual course fish.If you go to Wigan there`s some brilliant lakes right near the town centre,Scotchmans flash,wadickers,blackwaters and numerous others all full of fish.You could also try Highland dam in Billinge or Carmill dam in St helens.You could get the bus to all these places.



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Greenbank Park has a decent all round head of roach, tench, perch, pike and carp to over 25lbs


Walton Hall is OK, but take your full body armour with you.


There are also some decent stretches of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal around Maghull.

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Check this out chap:




Mescar Lake in Lydiate is supposed to be fishing well, there's a little bit about it on here: http://www.toasteds.co.uk/Mescar-Lake.htm


Halsnead Park Lake listed on the first site is pretty good too. Some lovely carp and tench in there.


Good luck!

Yeah i will agree with SLUK Halsneed(Biggies) is a good lake,fished it since i was about 6 ,as already said good head of tench ,only problem is the litter and the pricks that fish it,years ago it used to be one of the best fisheries in the northwest until it went day ticket.
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They say the old ones are the best ay :rolleyes:


There is also Carr lane near prescot and the cricky next to halsnead park(biggies)in whiston.I belive there is a lake near broughton hall girls school in west derby but i have not fished it myself.

If all else fails ask in taskers or precot angling center they are normally quite helpful.

Regards Paul Mc
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Prescot angling centre helpful??? You sure about that Paul? I feel like im intruding everytime i go in there! If it wasnt so close i'd go somewhere else.


Any idea where Mellor's Pool is? Saw a picture of it in the anglers mail the other week. Thought it may be the cricky but wasnt sure.


Another alternative is Partridge Lakes in Culcheth. Had a cracking day there last week, you'll need a car to get there though.

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Hi Sluk

Mellors and the cricky are the same place(just off windy arbour road).

As for prescot angling centre i have known kenny for a few years(i dont know him well i just know him from a club i used to be in)and he generally doesnt say much but what he does say is normally pretty spot on so if its good info your after then he will tell you if he knows.If his Mrs is running the shop, she doesnt go fishing as far as i know so she cant help you, but she does know a bit about the tackle they sell.

And he rides a motrobike so he cant be all that bad :D


[ 20. August 2005, 09:29 PM: Message edited by: paul mc ]

Regards Paul Mc
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