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Hi, So yesterday I went fishing on my Carp Rig, And I cast in reeled back in and it was all twisted up on the lead, its an inline one I was reading up on Silicone Tubing, but I was wondering where I would put it?. Here are Some picture of the rig.


Below is the Hoook with Hair Rig.




Below is the Swivel that attaches the rig as its premade.




Then the inline lead.



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I might be looking at the pictures incorrectly, especially after a couple of bottles of Old Pec, but, to me.....IMHO....


1 - Thats a very long hair, could lead to line twist.

2 - The tail of the knot to the swivel is not very neat, could lead to line twist.

3 - And I might very well be viewing this from the wrong angle, but, which end of your in-line lead is closer to the hook?

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I agree with Paul it is very hard to see what's going on in your pics.


See the image for what an inline hair rig should look like. In this case it's a pop up boilie.


I see you are using a braid hooklength. These a pretty probe to tangling. A small PVA mesh bag hooked on the hook will stop it tangling on the cast p.s. don't hook the mesh bag through the knot


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Same as Rich's diagram shown above but put a length of rig tube above the lead. It can be "fixed" to the lead with the tail rubber and should be a few inches longer than the hook link minimum.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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In your post #6 - try mounting the lead the other way round. Then the swivel on the hook-length can be pulled back into the socket in the lead, giving a semi-fixed rig, which is what it is designed to do.


As shown in your pic, when you tighten up after a cast, the lead in your set-up is shoving what should be the tail-rubber into any rubbish on the bottom. That might well result in a tangle


The tail rubber should point back up the line.


Also, read up about "feathering" a cast, and try to do it, so your gear doesn't land in a tangle

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Hi - I would try the following:


1. turn the lead around

2. make the hooklength much shorter

3. use some heavy tubing above the lead (longer than the hooklength)

4. get some soft rubber inserts for the lead so you can push the hooklength swivel into it so it is 'semi fixed'

5. if using pop-up/bouyant baits the way your hair is leaving the hook is fine; if you're using bottom baits I'd put a little bit of thin silicon tubing over the hair and hook so the hair comes off the hook by the bend

5. add a little PVA bag/stocking to the hook before casting - soft braided hooklengths do have a tendency to tangle, a little PVA bag will prevent that


Sometimes the hooklength tangles while reeling in - if you do all the above and it comes back tangled, it's almost certainly because it tangled while reeling in.


I've found a pic that may help as I have used similar rigs a lot for tench and bream, but the principles are exactly the same. The amount of PVA stocking sticking out from the tube is about the size I would use. As well as stopping tangles it also means you have your hookbait sitting in a little pile of bait.



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