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Fishing can be so so cruel........

Guest Brumagem Phil

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sounds good, dont do a lot of baiting up my self, where I have just come back from, not a lot of free baiting done, just a nice big flake of bread, the 23lber came to half a slice of bread wraped around the hook crust taken off fished on its own in a sluice gate area, had a lot of carp out of this area, shame I only go once a year.



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Guest Brumagem Phil

Wow, how time flies........doesn't seem like its almost a month since I updated this! Soon be xmas! :(


This past month has been fairly uneventful really with the fishing seemingly getting tougher and tougher. I done the canal a fair few times and the shoals of bream which I was finding before have become seriously elusive, and since that big ghostie, I've not had a sniff of a carp. I've been down on a couple of occasions to feed them bread and they are still there as the piccy at the bottom of this post shows. This one let me stroke him twice from head to tail as he cruised past me feeding...cracking stuff!



The same story really at the river, in fact I've blanked a couple of times. Not just me either, most people who have been fishing this area seem to be struggling too. I've had a one or two fish of course, but the bags of bream and tench have just vanished.


I had a go at my 'secret' carp pool for a couple of nights and managed one common of 3lb and a coupleof bream. I intend giving this another decent go over the autumn as the carp hopefully feed up ready for the winter.


Yesterday I decided to give the river a go again....................dunno why I bothered, had just the one genune bite resulting in a bream of about 5lb. Had a couple of other very tentative looks but thats all. I packed up and walked over the bridge toward where the car was parked. To the right of the bridge is a nice area of weeds and snags so I cast my torch over the area as I left and couldn't believe the huge white carp which was scavanging around in the shallows. Needless to say I dropped my gear and set up a rod quick smart and freelined a couple of fat lobbies to the fish! He wasn't having a bar of it and knew he was being stalked as I kept having to put the light on due to the darkness. After about half an hour I gave up but made a mental decision to go back tonight and see if he was still around. I did notice another carp shadowing his ever move in the way barbel do which I found interesting.


Today I had heaps of chores to do in the garden including trimming the connifer hedge so was pretty late finishing and was pretty tired too, but all the same I really wanted to go and have a stalk for these carp again. The missus fancied a walk too so we set off about 10pm for the river!


This carp is sooo pale that the moment we set foot on the bridge you could see him without even putting a torch on him. He'd moved about 20 yds and was on the other side of the bridge now which was lit by some nearby streetlights which helped. He'd also moved to an area which was less snaggy which pleased me as theother side of the bridge really is nightmare territory. Whats more, he was being shadowed by 3 other much smaller carp which upped the odds of catching something.


We'd decided that if I hooked one I'd play him to the far bank where the missus would land the fish as I played it from up on the bridge, this way we wouldnt spook off the remaining fish as they were only in a couple of feet of water.


I once again tried to just freeline a couple of lobworms but this white carp is just soooo clued up its untrue! He only has to get near to my bait and you can see he gets a bit 'agitated', moving his tail more, circling a bit and then swimming away fairly quickly, only to return a couple of minutes later. I changed tactic and went for a piece of flake on the hook with a bit of method mix on a feeder as they seemed to be shuffling their way through the sediment around the cabbage weed in the shallow water. The bread was off the bottom by about 6 inches so nice and visual. Would you believe the blighter got all spooky around this too and wouldnt go within about 3 feet of it and once again looked 'agitated' when near it. One of the shadowing carp was happy to pick it up though and after a short scrap he was landed on the far bank. He weighed in at 9lb (give or take an oz or two) and by the look of his mouth was the same one I caught a little upstream last week.


I persevered with bread for a while but the other fish didn't seem very interested in it. Given they were grubbing around and sending up clouds of sediment, I decided the feeder might be the way to go so put 2 pieces of corn on the hook and some method mix and a few bits of corn around the feeder and dropped it under their noses. The white one was still nervous but less so this times and kept on grubbing around. One of his shadows found the sweetcorn and we were in again!! Another shortish scrap ensued and this time the net slid under a 7lb mirror. Once again his mouth suggested he'd been caught many times which isnt normally consistent with river carp so my guess is these two had been washed out of fisheries in the floods.


I've got one of these 2million candle power torches so shone it around to see if I could spot anything else in the clearish water. A hefty pike was lurking midstream until my light illuminated him upon which he simply 'filled the ballast tanks' and sunk quietly into the depths. I decided he was worth having a go for so quickly set another rod up with a trace and lure and hurled the lure over the spot where I'd last seen the pike. On the 4th cast he took the lure nice and hard. I decided not to take this one to the far bank so got the missus to go get the net and bring it to this side. It was a very decent pike (I'd say mid double easily) but didn't really fight much t all.....he was just stubborn and awkward rather than feisty and boisterous. Anyway he was subdued by the time the missus got around with the net but at the first attempt she only got half of him in the net. She tried to scoop him again but with a quick thrash he left her with a lure in the net and me feeling gutted at losing what was certainly a PB pike. Needless to say she is still in the dog house!!!! :2:


The carp had buggered off by this and after 15 mins or so they had not re-appeared and further lure flicking had not resulted in anything more than a brief follow from a jack which would have got serious indigestion had he tackled the lure so we called it a night.


Really made a change and the missus commented on how nice it was to actively fish and see what was happening rather than just chuck out a feeder and sit and wait. I have to agree with her there. Watching how the fish behaved around the baits and watching their patrol roots was educational too......you really can;t beat watching fish IMO to help you learn the art of fishing.


Now I wonder where I'll be fishing tomorow night???? :whistling:


Dog tired now and can't be arsed to proof read this so please excuse grammatical errors/typos etc. Thanks for reading.


Edited by Brumagem Phil
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Cheers newt.


The canal seems to be a really odd kind of venue. You KNOW there are decent fish in there, but its sooooo hard to actually catch em.


What really surprised me tonight was how gentle the bite was from such a huge ruddy fish!!! Richard Capper posted before to suggest float fishing for these brutes might be worth a try. I did try it but ended up deep hooking a load of small fish which kind of put me off the idea, specially given some of the grief I got on here. I think now I've taken some good advice on board regarding float fishing, that I should give this a try once more...........I'm sat here asking myself how many of those gentle pulls and let go's might actually have been carp? I'm used to the old grab and rush carp take, but of course canal carp are not used to being caught and as wild fish, probably fall into the category of 'uncatchable' as the old carp used to be classed..............


..........I need to up my game!!!!! You can bet your arse I'll do just that to catch these blighters! :thumbs:


Watch this space!


It depends how you were fishing, its hard to fish a worm bolt rig style. Thus its kinda unlikely you'll get a screaming run fishing a worm. This might explain why you are stuggling, if you are fishing with worm try to keep the resistance down, make the rig free running, use long dropo bobbins. If you are relying on it taking line off the bait runner its a reasonable chance it'll spit out your worm before you get any indication.


Of course a float would be ideal! :)



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