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UKKA website help...

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good news, according to the man on the end of the phone I can run the site from my space as a seperate entity :)


I have to do some under the bonnet stuff...but I think i'm capable. :)


The only stopper is the existing URL, which i need to find out what it is and get transfered if possible.


In the meantime I can make a start on basic structure and just make an temporary address :)

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Hi guys,


good news... I got the forms this morning....took me an hour to fill 'em out!!! Anyway I have to send them to the 'new registrant' for him to fill out his details and send on to Nominet. If you could pm me an address I'll get all the bits in the post today. :)


Also on the draft copy I wrote for the site...let me know what program you want it in and I'll pm it in that form to you both...It's in Quark at the mo...but could put it in word etc?


As far as checking it over...totally agree...one person is totally unable to write and copy-proof his or her own words. If only to check content and spelling! The more people who see it (within reason) the better as new ideas and opinions get added and the copy improves as a result...generally...unless it turns into a sprawling mass of gabbling, boulder dash and....you get the idea!!! :D


I haven't checked over what I've written thus far...but I remember it was getting a bit lengthy...a result of trying to get possibly too many points across. However it's good to write them down...even if they don't get used...cause you can always revert or just feel happy that you've covered that water and it's not needed. I'm sure there are many more points to be added.


The classic bone of contention is the Kayak Safety List of equipment....I have many books on the subject and I've taken the 'best' advice from them...however what one guy feels is essential safety gear...another will happily leave at home and take an alternative.


The other point to make here is that, we can only 'recommend' and give 'best advice'... if an individual chooses to ignore what's written that's his choice...and this is where the disclaimer covers us.


Equally it must be remembered that dwelling on safety with tooooooo much doooom and gloooom will risk putting many off, what is essentially, a safe sport when approached with common sense and a little knowledge. I'm sure we'll discuss more of this later.


Anyhow cheers for now, must get back to work!


Art :)

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Ok guys, first time ive seen this thread, i know nothing about the subject of your website but i am quiet handy with websites and the making of them. If you would like a hand with anything, html, php and fash are my real areas give us a shout at my email address. of course any thing i do is FREE OF CHARGE. Its one angler to another,


my email is webmaster@<no spam>smelly-nets.co.uk


Remove the <no spam>

Visit our NEW FISHING Website (now updatedANGLERS-TALES

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Im going to keep on , and I dont care if I get on your nerves. :D

We need to try and get some art work done for the ukka logo.

Starvin and Art, you two guys are in the business, and wanted to get something together.

If this is proveing a problem, no worries, Ill get in contact with a designer, and pay for one or two to be produced.

An ideal project for the winter evenings, if you have time.

It would be good to keep the interest going between us all.

Come on guys, shake a leg, lets get cracking.

Summer will soon be here and we will be fishing, not sat at computers


Yakity. :)


[ 31. October 2004, 04:18 PM: Message edited by: Yakity - Yak ]

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Yakity, sorry I seem to have missed a lot this weekend, been very busy. . . .that damn toilet, children's parties, trick or treating, more parties, 3 hours out on the yak!


Yes a whole 3 hours out, anchored :D which worked really well, brilliant sunshine, laying back watching the rod tips, had one small bass, one huge take, lifted the rod vertically in the rest, didn't have the safety catch down!

and took off , struck into it, had a short fight of about 30 seconds before it decided enough was enough and bit off, don't know what it was but I was unable to turn the handle on the reel (a 2500 Shimano I like to fish light) and i could feel it shaking it's damn head.


This was followed by some whiting (I believe) playing with th rag, picking it up running and dropping as soon as I tensioned the drag, this was happing every minute or so.


Plenty of action, spoke to a few guys on the beach they had all blanked not even a nibble but they'd been watching me, they told me the whiting had been through on Saturday evening, there was a trawler out on the Sunday trying to catch them all!


Hope you all managed to get out. Hey how come you have a copy already, still waiting for mine.


Wasn't the URL www.ukka.co.uk :)


I'll do some quick ideas for the logo, loo willing! :D


Later SM



Location: Hampshire

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Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro

Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 XL (Sunrise)

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Malibu Mini-X



A member of B.A.S.S www.ukbass.com

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