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fishing series on BBC

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The idea was to produce something the whole family can watch, that will interest people who are not necessarily into fishing – maybe they'll even get into it as a result.


It appeals to me because of that. I often find 'pure' angling programmes a bit dull and tending to miss the real reasons why most of us go fishing.


Well done for getting the BBC to show it.

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Can't wait... gutted about the delay in screening...


:angry: Why do they do that...


The delay is because the BBC has a Top Gear sized hole to fill in its schedule and loads of stuff has been moved around as a result. Blame poor Mr Hammond for crashing his dragster. Weds 8pm is a good slot though. Accidental

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Thanks for the heads-up on this and the background info.


I'll certainly be watching. Well done for once, BBC.

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Much as I love Top Gear, I'd rather be watching a new fishing programme!


Maybe I could be persuaded, but my wife might not be convinced ;)

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It was alright but i think there have been better. Jungle hooks is a far better series and more exciting for the non angler. This is at least a start but i don't think it will grab the non angling viewing public in the way passion for angling did. Also it is up against how to watch wildlife with bill oddie so any non angling nature vewiers that may have watched it will have been watching on the other side. shame really as i don't think it will be commissioned again if the viewing figures are not right.

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