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Bic Fishing Yak....Any good

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Oh well, you'll have to have a go on the sea for a cod or something instead.....any weather windows coming up? I have that big RIB to photograph from the Red Funnel Ferry yet - get him powering off the wash.....great aerial shots without the cost of a heli co peter!

Simon Everett


Fishing kayaks:

White& Orange Dorado

Olive Scupper Pro

Yellow Prowler Elite


Touring kayaks

Red White Skua

White & Orange Duo

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Not for the next week but Im off work from the 18th right through to the 4th. Shame! :thumbs:

Fished since 2003, the rest of my life I just wasted.


Southampton, Scupper Pro TW Angler: Yarak2.


Member of the OK fishing Team ( I have had free bits) :-)

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