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just thought i would share my experiences with you on a short session i had at a Kent still water on new years eve.


me ,my wife and friend (all keen anglers) had a really weird session , got on the water about 8am there was only 2 other anglers there

fishing was hard all day, about 3pm the guys on the opposite bank had a screaming run after about a minute we thought it strange that no one came out of there bivvys to take the fish, well the bite alarm kept screaming for about 2 Minuit's longer

we ran around to the bivvys and my wife reeled the fish in , i looked in the bivvys to find a guy comatosed stinking of booze, well after a good few digs he finally awoke, he staggered to his feet and got quite aggressive and insisted on landing the fish , he grabbed the net and fell straight into the water head first (what a ****) i released the fish a 16lb mirror,and we pulled the drunk out

his friend was found about half an hour later asleep by the match lake

so i blank and the drunks catch fish, what a session



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yes i did

he told them to sleep it off


Good on you, shame on him. He should have kicked them off and banned them for life (IMHO). A drink is OK but not when you're so blotto you can't even wake up for a fish !



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i released the fish a 16lb mirror,and we pulled the drunk out

I understand releasing the fish. Great idea and certainly not the fault of the fish for taking a rig put out by someone who is now totally taken by drink.


I do not understand pulling the drunk out of the water. If you had left him there, there would have been one of two basic results:

- a. he would have waked up enough to crawl out on his own.

- b. he would not have crawled out and would either have drowned or succumbed to hypothermia.


Had he crawled out he would either have

- a. gotten back to his shelter and put on dry clothing

- b. stayed wet and succumbed to hypothermia.


The b. results are probably the most likely and IMO could well have been the better outcome.

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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i released the fish a 16lb mirror,and we pulled the drunk out


Glad to see you got you did the things in the right order :thumbs:



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