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  1. hello when putting a pop -up to a d-ring why not use a bait band, dont put the band around it but through it, as you would on a hair rig, just attach the band over the ring and with baiting kneedle pull straight through pop-up (hope you understand)
  2. leadcore is good if used properly ie (needle knot) if you cant tie it (dont use it)
  3. give them a go. dont knock it till you try it
  4. catcherbaits are the real deal they are taking waters apart all over the south. the whites and the supreme range are my favs. frank who makes them as been doing it for over 20 years , hes forgot more about bait then most people no. lol
  5. just thought i would share my experiences with you on a short session i had at a Kent still water on new years eve. me ,my wife and friend (all keen anglers) had a really weird session , got on the water about 8am there was only 2 other anglers there fishing was hard all day, about 3pm the guys on the opposite bank had a screaming run after about a minute we thought it strange that no one came out of there bivvys to take the fish, well the bite alarm kept screaming for about 2 Minuit's longer we ran around to the bivvys and my wife reeled the fish in , i looked in the bivvys to find a gu
  6. hello everyone i hope you all had a nice xmas. what i want to no is do any of you fish by the moon phases (special times) for course fish if so do you think there is something in it or is is just nonesense. happy new year.
  7. hi didi what water in thamesmead are you fishing
  8. keep the faith my man join a club, i bet your mate will be gutted hearing about you pulling in lumps.
  9. nice one geezer was it a good scrap, how long did it take you to get in.
  10. nice one geezer 2nd fish u flash flecker
  11. Hi gaz spend a few hours at the water before wetting a line just look and listen, try and find where there moving and remember every water has a secret, use your gut feeling about it have a good one mate and catch loads.
  12. i agree the greys are the biz for the money, ive had mine for quite a while now i have just bought a century armalite mk11 and what a rod that is, its a bit pricey but my god its in a class of its own.
  13. i had a short session on my local day ticket 16lb 8oz common, it was just nice to wet a line
  14. cheers lads it just needs to be warm and quick to erect
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