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My bivvy has them and so does my sleeping bag but how ‘crash’ are they in reality and how are they different from normal zips?


I’m confident of trouncing my companions on the opening night but I might have to get out of the bivvy sharpish, can I just launch myself through the door?

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I leave my sleeping bag open and use it like a duvet so I guess it's pre-crashed for a quick exit. If the bivvy door is zipped up I just unzip it rather than launch myself at it!

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Oh, please, please, please...can someone video the first night of the season wherever Rusty is going to be fishing. And make sure he is issued with a life jacket ! I have this image of a bite alarm going off, followed by Rusty, looking like a caterpillar as he can't get the sleeping bag zip to work, crashing through the front of his new bivvy.....into the river :oops:


Steve, if you are fishing with him....look after him....but as above, make sure the record button is pressed :D

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I do as Anderoo does with his bag but will use a waterproof thermal cover in winter or cold nights that hangs over the bag and stops draughts. It just lays on top attached to one side of bed so no restriction.


As for bivvy I have never zipped myself in summer or winter.


Crash zips vary in quality but good ones allow you to grab material and pull apart rather than having to find the zip bit.



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Crash zips work until the moment they dont

For my much redesigned pop up bivvy bits of velcro do the job i dont zip up anything i may want to get out of quick ,theres the age old struggle of weak material or weak zip ,its 50/50 what gives first


My beloved (long dead) 1944 american mountain bag had splendid strong zips but the ancient material ensured they were never done up ,one hurried misfire and it would look like i had killed a lorry load of ducks in the swim

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