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Theres no need for that either....................


I'm not particularly comfortable with what the OP was doing either, but let's not forget that the only type of angling there is any need for is for the pot. "Need" or the lack thereof is not a good argument for anything angling related.

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I could be wrong here, but isn`t there a legal limit 50LB on what is allowed before you have to weigh in and release, per keep net?

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Surely its better to buy a set of scales, weigh the fish and release them immediately and just keep the total in a notebook.........


Couldn't agree more, 10lb ish carp shouldn't be crammed in a keepnet.


If you weigh your landing net handle and landing net when wet, it only takes a few seconds to unhook carp of that size in the net (or on an unhooking mat but still in the net), weigh it in the net with handle still attached, slip the fish back straight out of the net, and scribble down the weight minus the handle/net weight. Minimal fish handling, but all the data is there to know if you've reached the elusive ton.

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Two rods and a keepnet.


Man you must have looked a right prat.

Apart from massaging your ego can you give me one reason for keeping eighty odd pounds of carp in a keepnet on a pleasure session?


Surely its better to buy a set of scales, weigh the fish and release them immediately and just keep the total in a notebook.........


I was only there for 5 hours, had id been goin longer then i wold have definatley weighed and put them back.

It was a practise session also so i didnt want to catch and release as it may have put the other fish off feeding, then i wouldnt have had an accurate indication on how the fish were feeding.




One hell of a LANDING net Mat :o;)


I assume that several keepnets were used, not just one.

While this type of carp fishing is not for me, I do realise that a match angler will retain fish in practise sessions.

I no longer match fish, but do use keepnets on occasions, when I deem it necessary.

The only problem with carp, apart from the obvious over crowding issue is the type of mesh used. The dorsal fin is prone to 'snagging' if the mesh is too large, this applies to barbel as well.





Yeh i used 2 nets, the 12 foot carp nets aswell to mak sure they were ok. I was taken turns puttin them in one net then theo the to make sure they were evend out as i suspected i would cath a fewon the day.


Yeh it was a practise session thats why i only stayed for the 5 hours, i fished the match the week before and was third so i thought id try bread again to see. I chucked 2 rods out, 1 half way the other a quater the way across to see how many i got. Then interprit that into my next match. Unfortunatley i caught 1 more out than in so im still undecided how far out to fish. Considering i was playing the far one in and it passed the other rig on occasions scaring the fish away briefly i think the closer rig will be better but ill see on the day.



ps, sorry about the late reply went on holiday.

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