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Picture Of The Month .. Dec 07. Competition.

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Topic now open for comments on the entries ... plus any pictures you were thinking of entering.





Picture Of The Month .. December-07.



Welcome to Picture Of The Month for December 2007.



Open Period.



From 00.00.01 GMT Saturday 1st December 2007.


Deadline .. 23.59.59 GMT Monday 31st December.. 2007.


All pictures entered must have been taken during the Open Period.



The Competition is entirely "FreeStyle". You choose your subject ... and give it your best shot !!


You are allowed to enter up to four(4) pictures within the open period. Each picture must be in its own individual post.



Can entrants please number their individual picture postings ?

Entry No: 1/Entry No: 2 etc.



December ..


For we poor souls in the Northern hemisphere it is the onset of the winter season, with its freezing fogs and chilly winds. The animals and birds are struggling for survival, gratefully accepting titbits put out on patios and bird tables. Snow is a definite possibility, presenting new challenges to the photographer. Desperate shoppers, wrapped up in their winter woollies, are scrabbling around . Homes are snug and warm despite the cold outside. Clear skies and low sun makes for some remarkable sunrise and sunset shots, if we have the determination to get out there and find them.


For our members down at the other end of the world it is the summer season, with its brilliant sunshine and heat waves, and the odd drought or two. T-Shirts and shorts are the order of the day. Brilliant flora and fauna are everywhere. Barbies and "tinnies" on the beach are a must , and a suntan and that "Catch Of A Lifetime" are on the cards.


Throughout the world December means Christmas for us all … With its fairy lights and tinsel and Christmas trees and the excitement and anticipation on the children's faces .


And, who knows, perhaps our friends "Down Under" may just send us a picture of a bikini-clad Santa handing out the presents ? :lol::P




Happy Snapping everyone !! :camera::camera:


Wiggly. :rolleyes::rolleyes:



Please familiarise yourself with the format and rules before entering pictures. These can be found in pinned topics at the top of the Photo Forum.



Your judge for this competition will be HellBelly, who was the winner of the last competition.



Your judge will be looking for what they consider to be the best 6 pictures. As well as subject matter, presentation, composition and sharpness will all be taken into account.





Your posts must include the following information:


Entry No:


Date Taken:

Camera Used:


Camera Settings


Shutter Speed



or the Camera shooting mode used (Auto, Landscape, Macro etc etc)


Plus any other voluntary information regarding the taking of the picture.


Edited by MrWiggly

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Entry No. 1






Model = NIKON D200

Exposure Time = 1/200"

F Number = F8

Exposure Program = Aperture priority

ISO Speed Ratings = 100

Date Time Original = 2007-12-01 12:26:54

Date Time Digitized = 2007-12-01 12:26:54

Shutter Speed Value = 7.64 TV

Aperture Value = 6 AV

Exposure Bias Value = ±0EV

Max Aperture Value = F4.44

Metering Mode = Pattern

Light Source = unknown

Flash = Off

Focal Length = 70mm


RAW to Jpeg conversion

Edited by Westie



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Canon PowerShot A700 09Dec2007 Mode - Auto



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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Entry No1


"Hunger makes him bolder"




Den Darkin

Sony SR5E





Edited by poledark

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Entry 1



Cold Beer










Larger image presented.




Edited by MrWiggly

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Entry No 1


Black Swan.



Camera = Nikon D40X.

Exposure = 1/1000''

F Number = F5.6

ISO = 160

Date taken = 19/12/07

Photographer = Clifftop

Edited by Clifftop

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Updated 7/3/09




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