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Administrator settings lost on Windows 7.

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I have Win 7 installed and I am the only account holder on my system with administrator status.

However, since a recent Windows update I must now log in as administrator to run certain programs,I have gone through account status settings and even though I am administrator Windows recommended status for my account is now standard user.

I have no idea why I am no longer empowered to run programs.

Has anyone come across this before and is there a fix?

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As you say Steve but comes across like an account has lost its admin privledge to me.


Not quite clear whats going on right un. Try starting windows in safe mode use administrator account and modify user accounts under control panel and using "change account type" ?

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I think your safest course would be to assume the account was corrupted to some extent and fix (actually, replace) that account.


Step by step instructions from Microsoft for Win7 are Here.

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Okay. Well it goes like this.


Have completely reinstalled my Windows 7 Home Premium account and tried again after all attempts to resolve have failed.

I have 2 active accounts, one is the administrator account and the second a standard user account.


Each time I try to play the game from my Administrator account I get the following message:
Please login with administrator privileges and try again.


I thought I already had these privileges...

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Well I have now finally sorted the problem. :yahoo:The problem is somewhere in a Windows Update.


I have used Microsoft and Tech Guy forums to try to sort this problem, to no avail.....Each forum stated that Windows Update could not have affected my system.


So after speaking to a UK computer technician with over 40 years experience I have done the following and to date have reversed all problems:


I did a full format of my Hard Drive, using advanced settings on my Windows 7 installation disc, before installing Windows 7 Home Premium again.


This time whilst installing I deactivated the automatic Windows Update instruction, installed my security software before activating my wireless link, set up my wireless link, manually installed all drivers from disc, manually updated Direct X.

In fact everything I needed I manually installed leaving the Windows update side deactivated.

I have been advised to only install Windows Updates that I recognise and need after identifying the purpose of each update.

Some updates are not even needed despite windows notifications and the updates can cause more problems than they are supposed to fix.


I now have a perfect running system, which is running much faster, I have full Administrator Privilege for every programme and game I wish to use.

The Administrator account has vanished from login and I am not plagued with the Update to Windows 10 message.


So as Mr Holmes said:

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,however improbable, must be the truth?"


Something in the Windows Update affects certain programmes for Windows 7.

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