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Help, Poor Colour


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Bought a cheapie Panasonic Lumix FT-30 and not at all pleased with the wishy-washy colour of most sunrise photos.


This sunrise was supposed to be a deep, vivid orange...




Only using 0.3 OM (640x480 4:3) would the colour get better if I go for more pixels?




Cheers, Bobj.

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I'm NOT a photographer mate but pic's can be enhanced using the Microsoft picture manager - already Installed on most computers / Laptops.


The software Specific to the camera should also do it.


A Right click with the mouse on the image in your "MY PICTURES" should take you to it.

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very tricky getting the same color as what you see.


id start by lowering ISO & exposure on the camera (higher iso - brighter, lower iso - darker)


theres also nothing wrong with manipulating a photo to get it more inline with what was actually seen. I do it a lot with my photos.

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