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  1. Bottom line is I don't want to do it (Engineering) anymore. I'm 63+ & the company Director has buggered off with our wages then gone into Liquidation. I haven't been paid since 24th Jan' & paying bills from our savings!! Entrepreneurs - I've Sh*t em'!!
  2. I've got one like in Ken's 1st Link. There's one here very like the one in Ken's 2nd Link, but this one shows how its done. Quite a bit dearer though at $40. An Interesting watch all the same & well worth 15 minutes of your time!! Could even be the same one, but Ken's looks 3 x cheaper??
  3. I don't fish in the cold months these day but when I did I/We always kept them in a cloth Maggot bag which, when worn around ones neck kept the warm & wriggly being next to your warm clothing & body, Same applied all year round as most of trotting involves standing up nearly all day & not bending down to a bait box to get at them. I'm guessing Tigger uses Maggot Bags??
  4. Martin56

    Near or far

    May be better to agree to disagree bud'. I'm not falling out over reels!!
  5. Martin56

    Near or far

    I hate baked beans but Millions of others can't be wrong. It's all down to taste!! I can't do with line coming off the bottom!! but that's maybe a Northern thing??
  6. He only does Colouring books these days - apart from that he's "Paranoid" & the Prince of F***ing Darkness in his own Lunchtime!! Wife Sharon - is his meal ticket now!!
  7. Nut & other food allergies weren't heard of when I was growing up - may have been, but not diagnosed as being a cause of illness/death?? The stuff we used to play with - Gas Tar oozing from cobbled streets, messing about in grates, opening tins with unknown substances which were dumped & trying to set fire to it etc!! I used to come home Black Bright & smelling like "Joan of Arc" from the fires we lit!! Kids getting their head stuck in the school railings was very common. Not to mention Willies trapped in zips. (Design flaw at the time??)
  8. Martin56

    Near or far

    There's a little black lever at the base of that long grey trigger arm on top - bet that's it!!
  9. Martin56

    Near or far

    Phone, I'm guessing you mean so the reel will backwind?? Can't see the anti reverse switch but here's the parts drawings for all these models. You can make it wind both ways by removing the "PAWL" - Item 51 or bits in that area. I did it with an old ABU 503 closed face reel years ago. https://www.reelschematic.com/reel-schematics/quantum-reel-schematics/quantum-hypercast-schematics/ There might be an anti reverse switch ....... but maybe not, if so - I'm sure you would have found !! http://support.zebcobrands.com/quantum/support/products/tips-maintenance/reels Sometimes the switch is a left to right operated under the spool casing Or an up and down one on the rear of the main body.
  10. I've always instilled with my kids & grandkids that if a stranger offers you sweeties - Get some for me!!
  11. May have wandered a bit off track there Dave?? We were talking about getting down & dirty - but not like that!! Playing with Gas Tar on cobbled streets, poking earwigs from fence holes, making dens & starting grass fires!! I used to go home smelling like Joan of Arc more times than enough!! I was about 7.
  12. I've always thought that kids these days should get some muck under their nails (& even eat bogies) It builds resistance in later life IMHO. We've all done it!!
  13. We've lived in this house over 16 years with no rabbits up to yesterday. Then the puddytat killed a baby rabbit & dumped it at the door!!
  14. Wa ya wa' - Ya wa Fi & Chi - Firty five forty mini!
  15. Martin56

    Near or far

    1970's Tech' still catches fish!! - Tigger's thread (A few hours out yesterday) vouches for that!! Trotting with a Centrepin takes some licking.
  16. Good to see you're both still talking, That's a start!! Play Nice.
  17. Our Cat's had one or 2 run ins with Magpies (& came second) however she fetched a large dead rat home yesterday which a Magpie duly made short work of!!
  18. We have a black short haired, 10 year old puddytat who loves her Mamma & Dadda' but kills rats for fun!! Yes she's a little Sh*t at times but still our baby & loves to cuddle up!!!
  19. I have a chair at home for these Traffickers which could be modified to an Electric one!!
  20. And they probably paid (or loaned) £20,000+ apiece by traffickers - then those who make it through have to pay again via fruit picking & unfair rent!!.
  21. We are only a small island but one can't be an aircraft pilot anywhere in the world unless one has a command of the English Language!! Rule Britannia!!
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