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  1. I'd love to be back on a Lathe again but haven't worked since mid' Feb. I was an inspector for Oil tool Industry for over 18 years. 13 years in the power turbo transmissions Industry. 7 years in the pump Industry & Weapons handling & Weapons Firing Systems for MOD. I can do turning with mi' nob end.
  2. I've heard North Korea has brought out a vegetarian version called "Not Poodle"
  3. I've been pulled by Police patrol cars late at night on my way home from my girl friend's at the time (but that's another story) on grass verges with a torch. Yes I mean looking for Lob worms - Not my girl friend on the grass verge.
  4. Not to mention one or two on here, including myself. I could do with a Ghillie to help carry my gear to the peg these days. Take care buddy. You are not alone.
  5. Finished up with 4 or 5 small Perch up to 8 oz on red maggot, a few skimmers & a roach. Forgot to ask if they had worms in the shop & couldn't be arsed to dig for any!! Worms are expensive anyway - about a fiver per 100 g.
  6. Just done 3 six hour sessions (last 3 Wednesdays) just one bite which I missed!! Going again Tom' with red maggots hoping for a change of luck!!
  7. Good day out blue, nice to see some tight lines buddy!! Any fish will do (a crash of drums, a flash of light my golden coat flew out of sight, colours faded into darkness I was left alone)
  8. I can see that within 2 or 3 years the Covid-19 will be no more harmful than the common Cold (Which is also virus lying dormant in everyone until one becomes run down) Those clever people at Lemsip & Strepsil etc will have developed something to relieve the symptoms. It'll be no more than an inconvenience within a short time. I believe the common cold could or did kill chimpanzees when we first started research using experts mixing with them?? We are just a bit up from Chimps in some respects!!
  9. & the ashes be anonymously & unceremoniously disposed of so the Internet Ghouls can't sell or buy owt'!! We've already footed his imprisonment bill to the tune of millions. A wobbly stool & a length of rope at the time his confession & subsequent conviction would have done admirably!!
  10. Trump is now probably losing his Integrity in the business world by not accepting defeat. Donald - you're beat, get on with it & the world will respect you more for that. See you in Aldi!! (Not) Wish I was a shilling behind you!!
  11. Trump's Mam has just told him to "Put your Gymjams on Donald" - you're Tired!! Jonnnnie (Biden) won you marbles.
  12. We had a Beko fridge which fell within the serial numbers affected - within a few days of us reporting it, the offending part was replaced. (Summat to do with the Frost Free thing whereby the faulty component turned the fridge off for an hour or so, then started it up again??)
  13. Will it make a shite bit of difference who is the US president to us - the great unwashed?? A pint of milk & a loaf will still be what it is!!
  14. I think it's very unlikely that we are the only intelligent beings in the whole universe!! I believe there is Intelligent life out there somewhere, maybe not too many light years away!! Air force Pilots (well balanced people) who have seen stuff have been debriefed then silenced. Who says Corona Virus is born of our Planet??
  15. Hi John - I Never attended any meetings at the time I fished it - I just fished then someone came around to collect the the money!!
  16. Must be the third biggest lie next to "The Cheques in the post" & "I won't come in your mouth".
  17. Boris, Prince Charles & Trump all claim to have been desperately ill with Corona Virus. I think it's more likely they just wanted to be "One of the Lads" to demonstrate to the rank & file that no one is necessarily resistant to this virus. Boris & Trump just wanted a few days rest out of the "Lime Light". Come on - the World's 3 Likely Lads all being Infected!!
  18. Be assured, our UK Submarines are already strategically positioned depending on the outcome!! It's not "Strictly Come Dancing", "America's Got Talent" or "'X' Factor" !!! I can well see Trump's Billions/Trillions winning through!!!!!!! ( Much to my Chagrin)
  19. Chances are they'll end up in a B&B till their case comes up in our courts in 2 or 3 years time - until all the psychological evidence etc has been collected by our wonderful Legal establishment at around £1,000+ per hour!! (Our past legal fees have been £300 per hour & £30 per letter, just for a death in the family) Don't I just wished I'd have listened at school!! Nailed on, they'll not get what they actually deserve - Load, Aim, Fire!!
  20. Nobby Stiles, 1966 World cup team member who had to sell his medals in order to support his family. Dementia doesn't care!! RIP Norbert Peter Stiles - MBE.
  21. A Fivers worth of smoked Haddock in Microwave witt a bit of water to make some steam & some butter & holed cling film to let steam out. 4 minutes Max!! (Take no notice of the warning about clingfilm not suitable for microwave cooking - Used it for years - It's fine) I use a Pyrex dish for that. Meanwhile - Poach eggs separately so they arrive at the same time!!
  22. Think you have it about right there Dave - Late 60's to Late 70's was when I was in my mid to late teens & the taking of a Pike (wrongly now) was considered some sort of passage to Angling Manhood. A pair of Kippers or a bit of Finney Haddock (with a poached egg) goes down much better these days.
  23. Maybe she could put herself out as an Illustrator for book authors or even an Illustrator for Movie adverts?? The Film Industry could well be Interested - Especially some of the Darker, Horror Stuff. She's clearly talented & won't be long before an opportunity arises. (I'm also thinking David Walliams etc) Get it out there Girl!!!! It'll well pay the Rent!! Maybe 2% to me for the Idea?? We all need to earn a crust. (Just Joking) All the luck in the world.
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