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Second snap for me mister :clap3: :clap3:


4th one i wish was perfectly in focus, took me forever to get one in shot with the flag. that was before i discovered AI Servo (continuos auto focus at half press on button till button pressed all the way)

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In the day - I used a 100-500 and had a doubler for clear weather birding. Problem was - F8 was as open as you could go.

These were all Minolta MD lenses on the matched camera. Surprisingly the glass in Minolta lenses was GREAT. (Often wondered if they were still worth anything? [7mm fish eye; 24mm; 50mm; 100 mm portrait; smaller zoom, I forget exactly; and the 100 - 500 zoom - - - - anyone know??).




I thought the "standard" for 50 mm was because that was the equivalent of the human eye. The last commercial processor of 35 mm film closed shop around the 1st of 2017. I would have to use mail order these days.

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AyJay, does your friend get good results on birds as well with his extender? I'd assume that it would be a lighter and more compact set up but the maximum aperture would be less than without the extender. It might be something for me to consider.

Yes, he's had some good results with the extender.


I've been searching (unsuccessfully) for a couple of examples, I've seen some in the past but can't find them now.

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