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My saddest memory from England (I believe we were SW of London). When I arrived the fish, all species, had been safely moved although some certainly would have perished and the "lake" (about 5 acres as memory serves me) bottom was in the process of being  reconstructed with large machinery. Now the sad part, never before or since have I seen this, approximately two meters of spoiled luncheon meat was being extracted. You've no idea what 5 acres of a spoiled rotten mess that is. The project was being overseen by a research group led by a limnologist  from  *I'll get this wrong) Westfield College in London. I left for home before completion. I recommended a barley straw base which was being considered but has a serious drawback. As it decays dissolved oxygen levels can become perilously low in hot weather. 

I lost track of the outcome but it was by far the worst "angler damage" I have ever seen. No idea what they were thinking.


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