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Clubs / day tickets near Dunstable/Luton

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Hi all,

My brother, who lives in Dunstable (near Luton) tells me he wants to get back into fishing more regularly this year.   Our "goto" fishery in the area, Tingrith, seems to have vanished off the web! I believe it's gone syndicate :(

I wondered if anyone could recommend a decent club or dayticket in the area with a mix of waters that'd suit all round anglers?




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Hi Mat

Luton is my old stamping ground.

Main 2 clubs are 

Luton Angling Club

Miles of canal from above and below leighton buzzard

Several river sections on the upper ouse

Beckering resevoir 

North house lake

and one near kempston 



Vauxhall Angling club

Sharnbrook complex including radwell

7 lakes varying sizes and content + a cpl of miles of upper ouse

ouse at Kempston 

Woburn sands

section of canal near milton keynes

Tingrith lakes. 

Also IPA affiliated to fish the Ivel



Fished both of the clubs over the years other clubs nearby though i dont know much about them are Ampthill Ac and Verulanium. 

The canal is day Ticket

And there are a few little commercials around the area also.

Cant give much info on Commercials as i dont ever fish them.



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On 2/9/2020 at 12:35 AM, terry t shirt said:

other clubs nearby though i dont know much about them are Ampthill Ac and Verulanium

I’m a Verulum AC member and here are the waters open to club members.



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