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Soap And Water Is Best Re Corona virus.

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Sounds about right bud!! Maybe you can't enter till you've used the sanitiser??

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Posted (edited)

Probably (just like leaving a hospital) its better to sanitise leaving the bus, any sick people will be more infective inside than out!

I still think (as was the case in the past) you should have hospital or segregated parts of hospitals for broken people and for sick people !go in with a broken leg come out in plaster choked up with every disease known to man because you walk past sick people! Heaven knows where the air comes from coming out those vents its ripe for growing bacteria its warm and moist ! And going by the dust and grime marks around the vents unfiltered!

You could spend a month cleaning your hands in a public toilet then pick up a virus pulling the outside door open to leave because the last inhabitant or ten didn't bother

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