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Galaxy Kayak’s designed for the angler

Whether you are a kayak angler already or looking to get your first fishing kayak, Galaxy Kayak's are an established and trusted brand within the industry. Get yours via this eBay link NOW - http://ebay.to/2oFxfMw All of their Tandem and Single Galaxy Cruz kayaks have been fitted with complete safety ropes so should you come unattached

Lake Kayak Fishing: Survival Guide Addendum

By Scott Cameron


Another Day My Brother Managed Not to Kill Himself

Lake Kayaking Plus a Few Lessons in Survival

a/k/a Two Fallen Angels, By Scott Cameron

Four Days, Four Launches…

Saturday night… I decided on Saturday night to have another crack at the Bass in the estuary and perhaps get lucky with a Mullet. My youngest and I had dug a few harbour rag on our way to the park (slight detour) and so I was set to go as soon as they were in