PENN Fathom reels are built with all the quality and performance normally associated with PENN Reels. The PENN Fathom lever drag 2-speed series of reels allows the angler to change the speed of retrieve quickly ensuring complete control when fighting a hard fighting fish or retrieving heavy terminal tackle from far below. Simply push in the

Have you seen the Sodafloat yet?

The Sodafloat – One float for every bait Have you ever wanted to fish with chopped worm for those chub that hang about in the middle of the lake, but don’t seem to come to the feeder? or wanted to cast a float tight to the reeds at the far side but kept losing your

Rhino Tech products

RhinoTech have been around for a while now and we have been hearing some really good things about their products. The first product is the RhinoBeam.  This is a unit containing 96 super bright LED, this means that the power consumption on the batteries is lower than most flash bulbs.  The power supply is 4

A closer look at the Tegstove

As part of our product review section we try to find products that are not only interesting and good value but that we would also be happy using ourselves (after all why recommend a product you wouldn’t or don’t use yourself?). As a social media manager I am (Anthony) always in need of ways to

FishingSir telescopic fishing rods

Telescopic fishing rods are growing in popularity with the mini closed length design making it much easier and more convenient to carry and takes up a lot less space. The telescopic FishingSir rod range feature imported high density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass making them hard and durable yet giving them the elasticity to handle