Sea Fishing Rigs

The perfect simple sea fishing rig

If you are a sea fisherman you will have probably already used this rig and if you are new to sea fishing this is the perfect rig for you to learn how to make. The pulley rig has been used for years and is relatively easy to make,  this video we found on YouTube from

Squid Fishing

I have noticed a growing trend for people to fish for squid.  Whether this trend will grow in fashion, in the same way that dropshotting for fresh water species has, remains to be seen. I used to fish for squid quite a lot when I was younger as squid is, in my opinion, one of

Pennel Rig

Superb rig for ensuring your bait is secure

Up and Over Rig

Good rig for fishing a long trace

Pulley Rig

A reliable and popular sea fishing rig