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Steve Burke Has Retired From Wingham

Without Steve Burke, there would be no Anglers' Net. Steve was the inspiration to launch this website in 1999, the source of many articles, the go-to man for contacts and, basically, my inspiration. Wingham was, and still is, our Mecca; the place where we often come together and turn virtual friendships into real-life ones. It's

MP lands personal best carp at Walthamstow

Thames Water’s famous Walthamstow reservoirs put on a great show for a group of anglers from Parliament and the Angling Trust which included the capture of a stunning, personal best 37lbs 7oz mirror carp by North Cornwall MP Scott Mann. Scott’s mirror carp was caught from Reservoir no.2 and fell to a chod rig and

New Wingham Carp Lake record at 61-04

Retirement Present Andy Matthews, just demobbed from British Transport Police, had a great retirement present in the shape of a new record mirror of 61-04 from Wingham Carp Lake. Andy takes up the story: "Black Spot is the fish I've wanted to catch ever since Steve invited me to join the Wingham Carp Lake syndicate

Return to Teillatts

Join Jerry this month as he takes his trusty Bull-Cam across the Channel in search of heavyweights in a return visit to French super-water Les Teillatts. With a bunch of good mates joining him, including Bull-Cam regular Adam Reed, Sam Cheetham, Dale Turner, Ricci Connely, Jason Cann and Jason Alloway, and an awesome lake full

Red Herring Lands Rare Mirror At 41lb+

An overnighter on the Belgian Waesmere syndicate has seen Solar Tackle team member Ignace de Roeck land a sought-after mirror called Ebony at 41lb+, which simply couldn’t resist Solar’s new Originals Red Herring boilies. Ignace explains: Last weekend I went to the Waesmere syndicate in Belgium for a quick overnighter. I opted for a swim