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Mulinello Peerless Fishing Reel

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Farlow & Co. Centrepin Reel

Do You Know Anything About This Reel?

Closed Face Mystery

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Helion Fishing Reel

We received the following email and photographs: "Does anyone have any information on a vintage spinning reel with this description? It's bronze color with a brass color medalion containing the name, "HELION" and the words "AUPECHEUR ECOSSAIS" "MADE IN FRANCE" "FRANCE ETRANGER" "LICENCE FRENY" and "No. 01211" Thank you for your time, Art Urdal" If

Intrepid Continental

Adverts and examples of the Intrepid Continental fishing reel. Available in green right and left hand versions and later the black ambidextrous. The Ambidextrous was a peculiar reel there was no direct connection from the right hand handle to the gear wheel it was merely a slot and pin cam type action ,the left hand