Fishing For Everyone AAPGAI Instructional Day

On Saturday 16th April an AAPGAI Instructional Day was held at Hardy & Greys for members of the Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club.

Eighteen ladies attended the event which was held exclusively by the Club in the Hardy & Greys boardroom.

Instructors on the day included Hardy & Greys Academy members and AAPGAI instructor, Stevie Kennedy and AAPGAI Ireland instructor, Stevie Munn who both travelled from Northern Ireland to attend the day. AAPGAI Master and Marketing Manager at the company, Steve Peterson also attended the day.

Fly Fishing InstructionIn the morning session informal lectures were given on topics including entomology, knots and a talk on the lifecycle of the Trout, Salmon and Sea Trout. Ladies were given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the sessions. A delicious lunch was then enjoyed by all who attended provided by Club Vice Chairman, Rebecca Thorpe.

The afternoon session was spent outside on the casting pool where casting workshops were set up and the ladies casting skills were looked at on to one.

Club Chairman, Lucy Bowden said;
"The day was fantastic and everyone throughly enjoyed themselves. 'The three Stevie's' made learning fun and I'd like to thank each of them, Hardy & Greys and of course the ladies who attended for making the day so special."

The Club are planning another similar event in the future.