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Mono Facts

I couldn't help a wry smile the other day as I listened to a couple of anglers discussing the merits of their favourite brands of mono. What made the discussion so amusing was the fact that both monos, although sold under different labels, were identical! Fact is, there are comparatively few manufacturers of monofilament -

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It's Not About The Fish

The only times I ever heard my husband speak about his dad were there, in the Missouri Ozark streams. Many years have passed since our first summer there together. Now our son, David, enjoys the same streams. He wades next to his Daddy, trying to skip stones and looks where his Daddy points. David listens

The Muskie King

The Muskie King By T. J. McFadden When nearly four feet of spotted green scales and teeth took my fish, a dull morning got exciting really fast. The air around the pond was still and hot, the reflections in the water quivering as my slack line vanished under the water. Then the slack ran out.

Baitcasters For Beginners

So why use a baitcaster? Fixed spool reels can cast just as far, can’t they? They probably can under certain circumstances, but that’s not the whole story. A baitcaster does have certain advantages. For example, the line on a baitcaster doesn’t go under a bail arm and change direction by 90 degrees before winding onto