Sea Fishing Articles

Fishing From A High Shore Mark

If fishing from a high shore mark at sea and not getting any bites, try sliding another bait down the line on a link swivel. This then fishes all the depths to your lead. Anon

Freezing Black Lugworm

When freezing black worm, let them dry for two or three hours on paper kitchen towel. Then wrap in newspaper tightly one way, then roll in the opposite direction. This prevents freezer burn. From Ebro  

Freezing Peeler Crabs

First you strip all the shell then the lungs and soft shell from the inside. If you do not remove the lungs, they go off when the bacteria attacks the soft meat. Then, wash them in cold clean freshwater, wrap them in cling film, reverse wrap them twice then leave in fridge overnight and freeze

Instant Rough Ground Lead Weights

Saw up some old lead water pipe into three or four inch lengths. Strip the copper cores out of some 40 Amp flex and cut it up into eight inch lengths. Bend the copper in two and turn the tag ends over to stop then pulling out, insert into the lead pipe and whack it

Bait Flask

If you have an old wide necked food flask, use it for keeping your sand eels frozen when rock or beach fishing. Dave Manning