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The Magnum Blue Centrepin from Lewtham Engineering

Way back in April 2002, I received a new reel from the Lewtham Stable. Most anglers are probably aware of the cheaper end of this companies' products, that is the Leeds series of trotting reels, and, indeed, for many of today’s generation of centerpin users the Leeds may well have been their first pin. When

The Badger Oaklands Shelter

This handy shelter is billed by Badger as a short stay shelter. I can see it’s greatest value being to those who want to do overnighters or weekends. The first pleasing aspect of it is that it is light and it packs down into a very compact carry bag and that unusually for many bivvies

The Lucido T7 Head Torch

I love fishing at night; whether for barbel or sea trout, there’s something very special about being on the river at night equally there is nothing to beat being on the beach at night fishing for cod in the winter and bass in the summer. I would guess that like many other anglers who have

The Badger Overnighter Oval Umbrella

One company that really did itself a favour by demonstrating it’s wares at the NEC show this Year is Badger International many of you will have heard of this firm and probably will have seen it’s glossy adverts. Equally many of you will be aware of some of the controversy surrounding this company with rival