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Amoy Noodles Like Fresh

Quite often, a company has a new product and contacts Anglers' Net to see if we'd like to review it. Not quite the case with Amoy "Noodles Like Fresh". There I was, merrily annoying the wife every inch of the way around Tescos, when my attention was caught by a new 'instant food' sitting next

The Good Fishing Guide – Second Edition

For those of you who get about a bit, this kind of guide is worth more than its weight in gold, as it contains details of thousands of places to fish for all types of anglers in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It's a bit difficult to sit here and review such a book. Let's

River Carping By Neil Wayte

Those of you who buy every book published on carp fishing will have probably already read this. But anyone thinking of fishing running water for the first time will find this book extremely useful. It gives details of many different waters, such as the Sussex Rother, the Severn, the Somerset Levels and many more, by

The Zilo Smell Killer

Now and then we see things for sale that are ludicrous. If we're lucky, a foolhardy friend may have even purchased one, in which case we can ‘give it a go' without having to be the one that paid money for it! I was lucky, I was sent such an item for review¦ When Kevin

The Pocket Guide To Freshwater Fish

This won't be a lengthy review, as it's not a technical or complicated product that I'm talking about. No, this little gem is so simple that even I can use it. Compiled by Malcolm Greenhalgh and with clear illustrations by Stuart Carter, The Pocket Guide To Freshwater Fish of Britain And Europe is a handy