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The Syndicate (R.I.P.) Part II by Mark Cunnington

Sex and Drugs and Pop-Up Boilies!

The Remedy From Mistral Baits

There isn't a lot to say about The Remedy that hasn't been said already in the press. It's just one of those baits that catches fish - fact! I was sent a sample of The Remedy to test and, not being an experienced carp angler, my somewhat crazy ambition was to use it to catch

Carpe 100 Long Range Carp Rod From Decathlon

I’ll leave the price of this rod until near the end of the review. I wouldn’t want it to scare you… I have been using the Caperlan Long Range Carpe 100 carp rod from from Decathlon for some time now. I have the 3.6 metre (11ft10in) 2.5lb test curve version and have really put it

Attracta Lead Free Sinkers

When using lures, we often select by colour. Carp anglers often favour brightly coloured boilies. Indeed, general coarse anglers have been using brightly coloured maggots for years. So, why is it then that we insist that all the rest of our tackle is as camouflaged as possible? I'm not going to answer that question, but